Small Ceramic Bowl With Lid

The small ceramic bowl with lid is made of high-grade ceramic material. This white ceramic bowl is a classic style with a smooth, clear finish that’s easy to clean. The small ceramic pot with lid is perfect for simmering eggs, soup, bird’s nest, desserts and other foods.

Small Ceramic Bowls With Lids

Model Number: TYZ-CB13

Capacity: 180ml, 280ml, 450ml

Color: White

Material: Ceramic

Shape: Round

Size: 9*8.2cm, 10*9cm, 11.5*9.5cm

Small White Ceramic Bowls With Lids
Small Ceramic Stew Bowls With Lids

We have small white ceramic bowls in three capacities, 180ml, 280ml, 450ml, suitable for daily use. The simple design makes the ceramic soup bowl more delicate and beautiful. The small ceramic bowl with lid is also great for storing sugar, seasonings, black pepper, spices and more.

Small Ceramic Bowl With Lid Features

Small White Ceramic Dessert Bowl
Small Custom Ceramic Bowl With Lid
Small Ceramic Stew Bowls
  • Small ceramic soup bowls are designed with space-saving style and smooth rounded edges. They are essentials in the kitchen.
  • The bright look adds a modern touch to your table. The ceramic lid has a non-porous design that preserves the temperature of the food well.
  • Ceramics have good heat transfer, are not easy to carry odors, and are heated evenly. We often stew bird’s nest in a small ceramic bowl with a lid.
  • It cooks the raw materials through slow fire for a long time, so that the bird’s nest is heated more evenly and keeps its original shape. The soup is delicious and tastes better.

White Ceramic Bowls Wholesale

Small Ceramic Bowls
Small White Ceramic Dessert Bowls

TYZ Ceramic is a professional ceramic household products manufacturer, we offer wholesale small ceramic bowl with lid in different sizs. We also can custom logo or pattern on the ceramic bowls.

These smal soup bowls are made of durable high-quality ceramic, lead-free, non-toxic, and chip-resistant. Long-lasting, durable ceramic material resists moisture absorption. This set of small ceramic bowls with lid has a stackable design, they stack easily and store compactly in the cupboard.

If you want to preserve the nutrition of the soup to the greatest extent, it is recommended to use a ceramic stew pot for cooking. We offer white ceramic plates for these small ceramic bowls, they can be used as coffee mugs. They are also great choices for snacks, fruit, ice cream, salad, dessert, oatmeal, and so on.

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