Ceramic Stew Pot

Ceramic stew pot is made of high-quality ceramics, the pot body is firm and thick. The ceramic casserole has elegant curves and different colors. The ceramic cooking pot is heat resistant and can withstand temperature shocks from -20 to 600 degrees. It is safe to use over an open flame or grill.

Model Number: TYZ-CP02

Capacity: 3L, 4L, 5L

Color: Blue, Red, Black, Orange, Pink, Yellow

Material: Ceramic

Size: 27*11cm, 27.5*12cm, 28*14cm

Ceramic Stew Pot With Lid
Ceramic Stew Pot With Lid
Ceramic Stock Pot With Lid
Pink Ceramic Cooking Pot
Red Ceramic Cooking Pots

The ceramic cooking pot with lid and handles can be used as a saucepan or stockpot, or it can be eaten directly on the table. The hole design on the ceramic lid releases more steam. This can avoid the overflow of the pot due to insufficient exhaust gas, and ensure the pressure balance in the pot.

Ceramic Stew Pot Features

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  • Each ceramic stew pot piece is fired at over 1360 degrees Celsius to achieve fine porcelain quality.
  • The porcelain is delicate and shiny, and the glaze is bright and transparent.
  • The three-hole design releases more steam and prevents the soup from overflowing.
  • The humanized anti-slip design of the binaural handle is ergonomic and more convenient to move.
  • Comfortable grip, easy to handle, efficient heat insulation, and safer cooking.
  • The ceramic cooking pots and pans adopt flat bottom, heats evenly, have high efficiency, energy-saving and environmental protection.
Ceramic Cooking Pots Wholesale
Custom Ceramic Stew Pots

Ceramic Stew Pots Wholesale

TYZ Ceramic offers wholesale ceramic stew pots with lids in different sizes and colors.

The ceramic soup pot with handles and lid can effectively prevent burns. It has high mechanical strength, non-absorbent, heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and more durable. Ceramic stew pots with lids are great for ceramic cookware, stews, soups, and more.

The thick ceramic walls and heavy lid create a steaming environment when simmering, keeping food warm for longer. The ceramic surface does not emit odor, does not absorb odor, and is smooth and non-stick.

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