Ceramic Serving Bowls With Lids

The round ceramic serving bowls with lids and handles are made of high-quality porcelain material and fired at high temperature. The ceramic handle provides excellent thermal protection, making it the most practical ceramic product for the kitchen. The 500ml and 900ml capacity ceramic serving bowls can be used for soups, main dishes, pastas, stews, noodles and more.

Ceramic Serving Bowls With Lids

Model Number: TYZ-CB07

Capacity: 500ml, 900ml

Material: ceramic

Color: White, Red, Pink, Purple, Green, Yellow

Size: 16.5*11cm, 19.5*12.5cm

Green Ceramic Serving Bowl With Lid
Pink Ceramic Serving Bowl With Lid
Purple Ceramic Serving Bowl With Lid

This ceramic serving bowl has a creative cut shape, solid color and luxurious gold edge, beautiful and practical. The fine porcelain and smooth glaze are easy to clean. Ceramic bowls have a very unique design and come in a variety of different bright colors, making the kitchen environment cute and charming.

Ceramic Serving Bowls With Lids Features

Ceramic Soup Bowls With Handles And Lids
Ceramic Serving Bowls With Lids and Handles
Ceramic Serving Bowls
  • Our ceramic serving bowls feature a scratch-free glaze for durability and even heat distribution without absorbing moisture.
  • Safe to use in the microwave, oven, refrigerator and dishwasher.
  • Ceramic serving bowls with lids have a very unique design including handles and lids, perfect for gifting to your guests, relatives and friends.

Ceramic Serving Bowls Wholesale

Ceramic Serving Bowls With Lids Sets
Large Ceramic Bowls With Lids

TYZ Ceramic is a ceramic products manufacturer, we supply the best ceramic bowls for kitchen and restaurant. The durable ceramic soup bowl is lead-free and non-toxic. The bright look adds a modern touch to the dining table.

The elegant porcelain bowls are scratch and impact resistant, extremely durable, stackable and easy to manage, helping to save space on other kitchen utensils.


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