Marble Ceramic Canisters

Marble ceramic canisters for food storage are made of smooth porcelain, beautiful and functional. Ceramic container with wooden lid and rubber seal helps keep food and seasonings fresh.

Marble Ceramic Canisters

Model Number: TYZ-KC06

Capacity: 600ml, 1000ml, 1300ml

Material: Ceramic

Color: marble white

Size: 11.8*10.5cm, 17.8*10.5cm, 21.5*10.5cm

Marble Ceramic Kitchen Containers
Marble Ceramic Canisters with Lids

We offer white marble ceramic jars in 3 different capacities: 600ml, 1000ml, 1300ml. The diameter of each jar is 6.5cm. Large capacity food storage jars are suitable for storing and preserving a variety of ingredients including coffee, sugar, tea, flour, pasta, rice, spices, cookies and more.

Marble Ceramic Canisters with Lids Supplier

Marble Ceramic Food Storage Jars
Ceramic Coffee Canisters
Marble Ceramic Storage Jars With Lids

TYZ Ceramic is a producer of ceramic jars. Our ceramic jars are made of high quality porcelain. It looks very stylish, neat and modern in the kitchen. Marble ceramic kitchen containers complement any home decor and add a clean and elegant touch to a modern home.

The perfectly designed wooden lids perfectly matches the marble ceramic canisters. The wooden lid with silicone ring ensures a snug fit every time, keeping food fresh for a long time.

Ceramic canisters with wooden lids have wide openings for easy cleaning. In addition to storing food, the marble ceramic jar can also store other items such as spoons, chopsticks, pens, clips, makeup brushes and more.

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