Ceramic Butter Keeper

We have ceramic butter keeper in various styles. These ceramic containers are long and wide enough to fit a butter stick. This is the stylish container for storing butter. These ceramic containers prevent residue and keep butter fresh longer. Ceramic butter containers can be placed in the microwave to soften butter, or can be placed in the dishwasher for cleanup.

These butter containers are made of durable ceramic. We offer Ceramic Butter Dish and Ceramic Butter Box. Beautifully crafted and colorful, the ceramic butter dish is a charming addition to the kitchen or dining table.

Ceramic Covered Butter Dish
Ceramic Butter Dish With Lid

Ceramic Butter Keeper Features

  • The butter dish comes with a practical lid to keep the sticks safe and fresh longer.
  • The butter container is easy to keep clean and dust-free, keeping the kitchen looking neat and tidy. It is made of ceramic, lead-free and durable.
  • The smooth butter pan is easy to clean without worrying about oil residue. Dishwasher safe to soften butter in the microwave.
  • The ceramic butter keeper keeps butter cool and fresh, a clean and elegant look that suits any kitchen style. Unlike clear lids, light-resistant ceramic lids prevent butter from turning sour and keep butter fresh. The tall, deep design prevents butter from sticking to the lid.
Ceramic Butter Keeper
Ceramic Butter Keepers

Ceramic Butter Containers Manufacturer

TYZ Ceramic has a ceramics factory for ceramic butter keeper wholesale. Ceramic butter containers are available in a variety of sizes, patterns, colors and styles. Ceramic butter keepers are the safest to use and contain no lead or cadmium.

The ceramic butter dish with lid keeps the butter covered while keeping out the air and light that can spoil the butter without mold issues. The ceramic butter holder is great for keeping butter on the counter so it’s soft and spreadable. This is a great way to keep your kitchen or dining table tidy.

A beautiful ceramic butter dish is an elegant accessory not to be missed in the home. Easy to use and extremely durable, these ceramic butter pans with lids are not only food safe, but also built to last.



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