Ceramic Ramen Bowl With Lid

The ceramic ramen bowl with lid is decorated with plum blossoms in different colors, and the shape is elegant and poetic. This ceramic flower bowl is suitable for high-end western restaurants to make soup, ramen, rice, salad.

Ceramic Ramen Bowl With Lid

Model Number: TYZ-CB04

Material: Ceramic

Color: red, white

Shape: Round

Size: 11.5*16.8cm

Technique: Under Glazed

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Large Ceramic Bowl With Lid
White Ceramic Flower Bowl

Each ceramic flower bowl with lid measuring 16.8cm in diameter and 11.5cm in height. We offer ceramic ramen bowls in four different colors: beige ceramic bowl with white plum, pink ceramic bowl with white plum, white ceramic bowl with pink plum, white ceramic bowl with blue plum.

Ceramic Ramen Bowl With Lid Supplier

Pink Ceramic Bowlv
Pink Ceramic Bowl with Lid
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TYZ Ceramic is a ceramic tableware manufacturer,we offer various styles of ceramic bowls and plates.

Our ceramic flower bowls are made of high-quality ceramics and novel and unique pattern design, exquisite craftsmanship, anti-scalding, anti-skid, healthy and environmentally friendly, beautiful and durable.

Large capacity noodle soup bowls are a must for every household. Each ramen bowl set includes a beautiful ramen bowl and lid, giving you everything you need for a dining experience. The ceramic lid can be used a small dish.

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