Small Ceramic Bowl With Lid

Small Ceramic Bowl With Lid

The small ceramic bowl with lid is made of high-grade ceramic material. This white ceramic bowl is a classic style with a smooth, clear finish that’s easy to clean. The small ceramic pot with lid is perfect for simmering eggs, soup, bird’s nest, desserts and other foods. Model Number: TYZ-CB13 Capacity: 180ml, 280ml, 450ml Color: … Read more

Ceramic Soup Bowls With Lids

Cute Ceramic Bowl

The ceramic soup bowls with lids feature cute cartoon animal designs. All kinds of naughty funny dog pet patterns make people fondle admiringly. The top of the ceramic bowl is designed with a concave-convex shape, which can well wrap the bowl and achieve a good sealing effect. Model Number: TYZ-CB12 Capacity: 370ml+160ml Color: Color Material: … Read more

Find the Best Ceramic Bowls With Lids

Ceramic Ramen Bowl With Lid

Ceramic Bowls With Lids keep food fresher and hotter longer. Each of our ceramic bowls is unique and well made. These bowls feature an elegantly designed pattern that will complement any table setting perfectly. These ceramic soup bowls with glass lids are designed for baking, grilling, and serving your favorite meals. They’re great for making … Read more

Marble Ceramic Bowls

Pink Marble Ceramic Bowl with Wood Stand

The marble ceramic bowls feature a contemporary design with marble patterns and gold edges. The large ceramic marble bowl with wooden stand has a 850ml capacity, it is perfect for making salads. Model Number: TYZ-CB11 Capacity: 850ml Color: Pink, Black Material: Ceramic Size: 16*7cm Request A Quote This marble ceramic bowl is available in pink … Read more

Ceramic Bowl With Glass Lid

Ceramic Bowl With Glass Lid

The 800ml best ceramic bowl with glass lid has two gold handles, making the bowl easy to hold. The crown shape handle of lid is easy to take. The ceramic bowl features an elk pattern perfect for Christmas. This colorful ceramic serving bowl is lead-free with a high-temperature underglaze process. The color of the paint … Read more

Ceramic Soup Bowl With Lid and Handle

Ceramic Bowl With Lid And Handle

The ceramic soup bowl with lid and handle is beautifully designed and crafted. The ceramic bowl features a hand-painted cherry blossom pattern with exquisite workmanship. The single colorful ceramic handle is exquisite and stylish, non-slip, anti-scald, and easy to hold. Model Number: TYZ-CB09 Capacity: 900ml Material: Ceramic Color: Pink, Yellow, Blue, Green Shape: Round Size: … Read more

Custom Printed Ceramic Bowls

Custom Printed Ceramic Bowls

The custom printed ceramic bowls come in different styles including Japanese, European, Italian and more. The patterns are pasted on the porcelain bowls and then fired at high temperature, so the ceramic bowls with patterns are safe and non-toxic. Model Number: TYZ-CB08 Material: Ceramic Color: white with colorful design Shape: Round Size: 15.3*7.5cm, 11.3*5.8cm Request … Read more

Ceramic Serving Bowls With Lids

White Ceramic Serving Bowl With Lid

The round ceramic serving bowls with lids and handles are made of high-quality porcelain material and fired at high temperature. The ceramic handle provides excellent thermal protection, making it the most practical ceramic product for the kitchen. The 500ml and 900ml capacity ceramic serving bowls can be used for soups, main dishes, pastas, stews, noodles … Read more

Stoneware Ceramic Bowls

Stoneware Ceramic Bowl

Stoneware ceramic bowls feature a minimalist style with smooth rounded edges. The ceramic bowl is fired at a high temperature of 1200°C, the material is super durable and resists moisture absorption. Ceramic bowls can be stacked compactly, leaving enough room for other tableware in the kitchen cabinet. Model Number: TYZ-CB06 Material: Ceramic Color: Black, White … Read more



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