Ceramic Foaming Soap Dispenser

The ceramic foaming soap dispenser features a ceramic body and plastic nozzle. The pump head has a large area, and it automatically foams when pressed, and the foam is fine and rich. This ceramic foam soap dispenser is widely used in kitchen, bathroom, vanity.

Ceramic Foaming Soap Dispenser

Model Number: TYZ-CD06

Material: Ceramic

Capacity: 360ml, 400ml, 440ml

Color: White, Black, Blue, Pink

Shape: Round, Irregular

Size: 12*16cm, 6.5*19cm, 6.8*20cm

Foaming Soap Dispenser Ceramic
Blue Ceramic Foaming Soap Dispenser
Ceramic Washing Up Liquid Dispenser

We offer three different styles of ceramic foaming soap dispenser bottles, each in different colors: White, Black, Blue, Pink.

Ceramic Foaming Soap Dispenser Features

Ceramic Foam Soap Dispenser
Ceramic Soap Bottle

This ceramic soap dispenser features a kiln discoloration of imitation stone art glaze, which is varied in color. Handcrafted and crystallized by high temperature calcination.

The wide-mouth ceramic bottle makes soap refilling easy, just unscrew the top and pour in more soap.

Ceramic Foam Soap Dispensers Wholesale

Pink Ceramic Foaming Hand Soap Dispenser
White Ceramic Foaming Soap Dispenser

TYZ Ceramic is a manufacturer of ceramic products, we provide wholesale of empty ceramic dispenser bottles in various sizes and colors.

Ceramic hand sanitizer dispensers are natural and safe to fill with a variety of room temperature, everyday use liquids. The ceramic bottle is reusable and environmentally friendly. The foam soap dispenser pump is made of high quality plastic. Does not corrode or rust and produces a uniform foam.

Ceramic foaming soap dispenser is mainly used to hold liquid soaps, detergents, lotions, shampoos, etc. The ceramic dispenser bottle can be placed on any countertop, bathroom, kitchen or office.

Blue Ceramic Foaming Soap Dispenser
Foaming Soap Dispenser Ceramic

How to Use Empty Foam Soap Dispenser?

Mix together 40% liquid soap, 40% water, and 20% air and stir to combine.

Add the mixed soap or lotion and press a few times. Be careful not to pack with emulsion containing particles, otherwise, it will cause the nozzle to clog and not foam.

If the foam is not thick, add lotion as appropriate. If the foam is too thick, you can add water appropriately.

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