Decorative Ceramic Vases

Our decorative ceramic vases come in a variety of styles, each with its own characteristics. The ceramic vase is smooth and beautiful, interpreting the essence of beauty, with a delicate and soft touch. The beautiful curved bottle mouth reflects the casual and calm aesthetic curvature. Every detail and every craftsmanship is meticulous, and every one is a work of art.

The decorative ceramic vases are very malleable, and the clay material can be shaped into various shapes by craftsmen ingeniously. These decorative ceramic vases are tall, short, wide and narrow, and have an artistic sense that cannot be ignored.

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Geometric creative ceramic flower vases with chic shape and simple design. The simple style vase has clear texture and delicate workmanship. It is a spiritual weapon for people to pursue the quality of life.

Ceramic vase can be said to be a relatively mainstream home decoration. It is suitable for many occasions and can add a delicate and fashionable to the home. Artistic and stylish decorative ceramic vases are also a good choice for gifts to relatives and friends.

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Decorative Ceramic Vases

How to Make Ceramic Vases?

Before the decorative ceramic vases are made, it must be designed first, including: shape design, pattern design, color map design, and material selection.

Next is tire making. Tire making generally includes: banburying, extrusion, calendering, cutting, bead, molding, vulcanization, and inspection.

The third is the embryo pulling process. The embryo pulling process is generally:

How to Make a Decorative Ceramic Vase
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  1. First, take mud and fix gestures.
  2. Second, the hands shrink evenly around the center of the disc from the bottom to shape the clay. Then the thumb scrapes a plane at the top of the cylinder. The key point of this step is that the cylinder must be evenly in the center of the disc, and the plane of the cylinder should be as flat as possible.
  3. Third, to open the hole, the thumb presses down vertically in the center of the cylindrical clay until a concentric hole is opened. In this step, you must pay attention to the hole in the center of the disc, and the thumb hole should not be too deep to pierce the bottom of the clay.
  4. The fourth step is to pull the blank, the right thumb pulls the clay from the bottom of the clay evenly with the right thumb, and then the right thumb and palm pull the clay upwards evenly from the bottom of the clay until it becomes a cylinder. In this step, it should be noted that the hand cannot be shaken during the drawing process, and the force must be evenly applied around the center of the disc. In the process of drawing, the clay can be thick at the bottom and thin on the top, but it must not be thin on the bottom and thick on the top.
  5. The fifth step is to shape the decorative ceramic vases. The right thumb and thumb push the belly of the ceramic evenly from the inside to the outside, and the edge and top edge are pulled up to raise the mud blank, and then the outer fingers of the right hand shrink inward to form the neck of the ceramic vase.
  6. The sixth step, plasticizing the bottle mouth, hold the bottle neck with the left hand, and turn the bottle mouth outwards with even force with the right hand until the angle and shape you like appear. During the process of turning the bottle mouth, the pottery mud at the bottle mouth should be pulled up to avoid the concave mouth of the bottle. Finally, after a touch of decoration, a pure hand-drawn ceramic vase is made.
  7. Finally, put the drawn ceramic vases in a high temperature furnace and fire it at a high temperature.



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