Ceramic Coffee Set

The ceramic coffee set includes a small ceramic coffee mug with handle and matching plate. The coffee cup set is made of high-quality ceramic, is lead-free, and is dishwasher safe. We offer ceramic coffee mug sets in a variety of styles, these coffee mug and saucer sets will add a touch of color to your table.

Ceramics are the best choice for serving coffee. This ceramic material can effectively help coffee retain heat, and its smooth and rounded material also contributes to the presentation of coffee taste and aroma. These ceramic coffee set is elegantly designed to serve breakfast, cappuccino, latte, coffee, lunch tea or espresso and more.

Ceramic Coffee Set Supplier

TYZ Ceramic is a ceramic products manufacturer, we offer wholesale ceramic coffee cups and ceramic plates in different shapes and colors. Each ceramic coffee mug is matched with different saucer, making each ceramic espresso cup set a work of art.

The ceramic cups used for specialty coffee are all based on aesthetics, which can add points to the wonderful flavor of specialty coffee. The shape of the ceramic cup body reveals its quality and sturdiness characteristics, making it a clean cup for everyone.

Ceramic Coffee Cup Set
Funnel Ceramic Coffee Cups

How to Choose Ceramic Espresso Cup

Espresso coffees are a unique beverage, finding the right container to hold them is paramount, so that they release the best aroma and taste. Espresso ceramic cups generally have thick walls, which can hold 60g-90g of coffee liquid under standard conditions, which is half of the capacity of conventional coffee cups.

First, the ceramic espresso cups are small in size.

Compared to regular coffee, espresso has less liquid, serving only 30ml or less. Therefore, a smaller ceramic cup can help the coffee preserve the heat and aroma, reduce the contact area between the coffee and the air, and slow down the rate of coffee oxidation.

However, the amount of liquid coffee in espresso is the same as in any other coffee. Even though the cup is small, an espresso still contains the same amount of coffee as a regular 8-ounce cup, it just has less water.

Luxury Gold Ceramic Coffee Cup
Ceramic Espresso Cup Set

Second, the design of the cup mouth is also very important.

The wall of the straight-mouth ceramic cup is vertical to the table top, and the coffee entrance is more concentrated. The taste buds directly touch the sweet and middle areas, and the taste is more balanced.

The mouth of the wide-mouth ceramic espresso cup set is relatively large, and the coffee aroma will expand outward. This allows coffee to better reach a broader taste buds, allowing your tongue to experience the full flavor of coffee, especially the experience of acidic flavors.



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