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Ceramic Jar for Candles

Ceramic Jar for Candles

The ceramic jar for candles is designed with vertical stripes, the bottom of the ceramic jar is smaller and the top is wider. This ceramic candle holder is well insulated, making candles safer to use. The round ceramic vessel can hold 200ml molten candle. We offer this vertical stripe ceramic jar for candles in many … Read more

Ceramic Candle Containers

Ceramic Candle Jars Bulk

The ceramic candle containers are the best jars for making candles, and the ceramic doesn’t swell much when the candle burns. Colorful ceramic jars have a clean, modern aesthetic. Soft-touch finishes complement every decorating style. The ceramic candle containers are available in tall and short sizes. We have ceramic candle holder jars available in many … Read more

Ceramic Christmas Tree Tealight Holder

Christmas Ceramic Tea Light Holders

The ceramic Christmas tree tealight holder is handcrafted from lead-free ceramics and fired at high temperature. Christmas tree candle containers are the best Christmas gifts, they are great looking, durable and can be used for home decoration. This Christmas tree candle holder is available in white and green. It is used with standard tea candles.They … Read more

Ceramic Candle Vessel Wholesale

Ceramic Candle Vessels with Lids Bulk

We offer ceramic candle vessel wholesale, ceramic jars with lids can be used as kitchen storage containers. Ceramic candle jars use colorful craftsmanship to give each ceramic candle jar a beautiful appearance. The ceramic jars are hand painted and each jar has a unique pattern. Ceramic candle vessel wholesale are made of hand-glazed ceramics. The … Read more

White Electric Wax Melter

White Electric Wax Melters

The white electric wax melter is made of ceramic with an embossed pattern. The ceramic candle electric heater melts scented wax in a container to add fragrance to the room. Electric wax heaters are smokeless, flameless, safer and cleaner than traditional candle burners. The electric wax melt burner is handcrafted with a cutout floral design … Read more

Ceramic Candle Jars With Lids

Ceramic Candle Jars Wholesale

TYZ Ceramic offers ceramic candle jars with lids wholesale for all over the world, we have various shapes candle vessels bulk. Each ceramic candle jar is exquisite and beautiful. A beautiful candle jar is attractive, an empty ceramic jar can be filled with scented candles of any flavor, perfect for decorating home. These ceramic candle … Read more

Ceramic House Candle Holder

Ceramic House Tea Light Holders

The ceramic house candle holder is a handcrafted beautiful ceramic container for tea light. This white ceramic tea light house has a cutout design. A candle is placed in the tealight ceramic house, and the flickering light can shine through the hand-carved windows of the porcelain house. It can light up your living room and … Read more

Ceramic Candle Jars Wholesale

Marble Candle Holders

TYZ Ceramic supplies ceramic candle jars wholesale. Our marble candle jars come in a variety of colors: pink, green, blue and grey marble. Marble has magical qualities that bring a touch of luxury to any room in your home or office. This ceramic candle jar has a sophisticated look and is meticulously crafted from professional … Read more

Ceramic Votive Candle Holders

White Ceramic Candle Holder

The ceramic votive candle holders are round ceramic tea light holders, each ceramic candle holder has a unique shape. They are able to hold tea lights, votive candles and small LED flameless lights. There are 4 different colors of round votive candle holders: gold, silver, white, marble. The ceramic tea light holder with textures looks … Read more

Candle Ceramic Containers

Candle White Ceramic Container

The candle ceramic containers are made of high-quality porcelain. Candles in ceramic jars have a pleasant and clean scent that spreads slowly and lasts for a long time. We have basic ceramic jars in white and black. We are a professional manufacturer of ceramic candle jars. The matte glazed or glossy finish can be customized. … Read more