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TYZ Ceramics Factory is a ceramic factory located in Chaozhou City. Chaozhou ceramics is one of the famous traditional porcelain-making crafts in Guangdong Province with a long history. We worked in the ceramic industry since 2009.

TYZ Ceramics are specialized in producing all kinds of ceramic mugs and saucer sets, cerami bowls and plates, ceramic jars, vases, pots and so on.

We have a professional design team and support sample customization: OEM/ODM, customization can meet various needs of customers. 

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Ceramic Products Manufacturing

Chaozhou was the capital of Guangdong porcelain in the Song Dynasty, and its central production area was around Chaozhou City. Chaozhou has won the title of “China Porcelain Capital”.

TYZ ceramic products are complete in variety and in various styles. We have a complete professional ceramic production system, including porcelain clay mining, porcelain clay enamel processing, ceramic pigment production, finished product production, color baking, packaging, etc.



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