Ceramic Christmas Tree Tealight Holder

The ceramic Christmas tree tealight holder is handcrafted from lead-free ceramics and fired at high temperature. Christmas tree candle containers are the best Christmas gifts, they are great looking, durable and can be used for home decoration.

Ceramic Christmas Tree Tealight Holder

Model Number: TYZ-CH12

Material: Ceramic

Shape: Chritmas Tree shape

Color: Green, White

Ceramic Christmas Tree Candle Holder
Ceramic Christmas Tea Light Holders

This Christmas tree candle holder is available in white and green. It is used with standard tea candles.They will be the most beautiful scenery for Christmas decorations. The candle tealight is placed at the base of the ceramic Christmas tree, and the whole tree glows brightly. It looks like a Christmas tree decorated with lights.

When the lights burn in the tea light stand, the little dots light up, reminding you of a Christmas tree with candles on each branch. Beautiful Christmas tree candle holders are perfect for a mantelpiece, table centerpiece, windowsill floor, or anywhere you like, creating a wonderful festive mood and adding a romantic touch to your Christmas night.

Ceramic Christmas Candle Holder
Ceramic Christmas Tree Tea Light

Ceramic Christmas Tree Tealight Holder Supplier

TYZ Ceramic offer ceramic candle holders in different shapes for Christmas, such as white ceramic house tealight holder, candle ceramic jar, white buddha wax burner, ceramic christmas tree tealight holder. Ceramic Tea Candle Holders are great as holiday, wedding or housewarming gifts for your parents, friends or colleagues.

These ceramic candle holders are hollowed out to allow the candle light to be released. This ceramc candle tealight holders are hand-painted by and have smooth surface. These handcrafted ceramic candle holders will brighten any space while providing fun and sophisticated look.

Place a small candle in the hollowed-out cave of the Christmas tree ceramic, and the Tealight Candle Holder will emit a pleasant and soft scent that permeates the bedroom, kitchen or living room through the small window.

Ceramic Christmas Tea Light Holder
Christmas Ceramic Candle Holders

This ceramic Christmas tree tealight holder is the perfect choice for holiday decoration. Ceramic trees are used as candle holders. The light from the candles inside illuminates the miniature windows, creating a feeling of warmth and comfort.

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