Ceramic Dumpling Plates

The ceramic dumpling plates have a dipping sauce compartment for sauces. They’re great for serving dumplings, sushi, chips, and salads. The ceramic plate with sauce plate can separate sushi and sauce, and we can match the dipping sauce according to our personal taste.

White Ceramic Dumpling Plate

Model Number: TYZ-CTS009

Material: Ceramic

Color: White, Light Green, Pink, Drak Green

Shape: Round

Size: 25*3.5cm

Round Ceramic Dumpling Plates with Dipping Dish
Round Ceramic Plates with Dipping Saucer

The ceramic dipping dish is integrated with the plate to insulate food and is durable. We have ceramic dumpling plates with dipping saucer in assorted colors: White, Light Green, Pink, Drak Green.  They are large enough to serve multiple people.

Ceramic Dumpling Plates Features

Ceramic Serving Plates with Vinegar Dish
Ceramic Sushi Plate with Vinegar Dish
Green Ceramic Dumpling Dishe
  • This ceramic dumpling plate features a floral design with underglaze workmanship.
  • The dish with sauce is preferably made of ceramic material, which is warm in texture, comfortable to hold, and easy to clean.
  • The unique style of utensils enriches your dining table and embellishes your dining table, becoming a kind of art of life.
  • The wavy golden edge is matched with the flower design, and the simple design brings a different visual impact.
  • These ceramic dumpling trays are stackable to save cabinet space.

Custom Ceramic Sushi Plates

Ceramic Dumpling Plates with Dipping Saucer
Ceramic Sushi Plate with Dipping Saucer

TYZ Ceramic is one of the best ceramic dinnerware suppliers, we offer wholesale ceramic dumpling platers with dipping saucer in different shapes and colors. Our ceramic plates are made of high-quality kaolin clay and fired at a high temperature of 1200°C.

These ceramic sushi dishes with dipping saucer are strong, thermally stable and durable. They adopt innovative color glaze technology. The color glaze is fresh and agile, exuding an attractive luster. The shell-shaped special ceramic plates with dipping dish are beautiful and practical, with delicate outlines.

Ceramic dumpling plates provide the perfect solution for serving foods in sauces or dips. The 2-in-1 Ceramic serving plate with sauce dish is perfect for serving dumplings, sushi, sashimi, roast duck, chips, snacks and more.

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