Ceramic Candle Containers

The ceramic candle containers are the best jars for making candles, and the ceramic doesn’t swell much when the candle burns. Colorful ceramic jars have a clean, modern aesthetic. Soft-touch finishes complement every decorating style.

Blue Ceramic Candle Containers

Model Number: TYZ-CH13

Material: Ceramic

Shape: Cylindrical shape

Color: Green, Blue, Red, Black

Size: D9cm*H10.5cm, D13cm*H6cm

Wholesale Ceramic Containers For Candles
Mexican Ceramic Candle Holders

The ceramic candle containers are available in tall and short sizes. We have ceramic candle holder jars available in many colors: blue, red, green, orange, etc.

Ceramic Candle Containers Features

Candle Ceramic Containers
Colorful Ceramic Candle Holders

This ceramic candle jar is made of high quality ceramic, the thick ceramic jar can be refilled with candles. The colorful ceramic jars have a minimalist style and are suitable for all styles of home decor.

Empty ceramic jars can be filled with various flavored soy wax mixtures. It can create the most professional-looking candle. After burning these candles, ceramic candle containers are great storage jars, perfect for coffee beans, makeup brushes, and stationery items.

Ceramic Candle Containers Wholesale

Ceramic Candle Jars Wholesale Usa
Modern Ceramic Candle Holders

TYZ Ceramic is a ceramic products manufacturer, we offer wholesale ceramic candle containers in different shapes and colors. The cylindrical ceramic jar is elegant and especially suitable for candles. The smooth finish provides a comfortable touch to the candle.

Scented candle containers are the perfect addition to minimalist living room decor. It’s also a great choice for birthday gifts for women and Mother’s Day. Home scented candles infused into ceramic jars produce a pleasant and unforgettable scent.

The candles are poured by hand into ceramic jars, creating an elegant statement with minimal unbranded design. Our candle jars are durable enough to be used as flower pots.

The multifunctional ceramic candle holders can not only be used to make candles, but also can be used to store spices and herbs, earrings, jewelry, cosmetics, etc. Candle jars are also easy to carry and use when traveling.

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