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Modern Ceramic Coffee Mugs

The modern ceramic coffee mugs have smaller bottom than top, making it easy to stack them together. Easy-to-stack ceramic coffee mugs save space and keep your cabinets clutter-free. This white ceramic mug holds 320ml of coffee. The exquisite patterns on the cups are hand-painted, with a bumpy texture and not easy to fade.

Handmade Ceramic Espresso Mug

Model Number: TYZ-CM027

Capacity: 320ml

Material: Ceramic

Color: White

Shape: Round

Size: 8*12.5cm

The hand-painted ceramic mugs are thick and textured, and the patterns come in a variety of styles. The non-slip bottom is unglazed, and the anti-slip also protects the table top.

Ceramic Coffee Mugs With Pattern

This ceramic coffee mug has a smooth glaze, and the handmade underglaze process allows direct contact with food, and the color is bright and durable. The ceramic cup has a wide handle design, which fits the palm better, with a delicate and warm touch, allowing you to hold the cup firmly.

This easy-to-stack handmade ceramic mug is perfect for mocha, cocoa, juice, tea, espresso, cappuccino and more. They are microwave, dishwasher, oven, freezer safe and will not fade.

Modern Ceramic Coffee Mugs Wholesale

TYZ Ceramic is a relatively large-scale ceramic company, and we have mature technology. Our ceramic cups are beautiful in appearance, novel in style and meticulous in painting. We supply and wholesale ceramic mugs in various styles and colors.

Our ceramic coffee mugs are made from lead-free, non-toxic porcelain. Thick-walled ceramic mugs help keep warm well. This narrow-bottomed ceramic mug set is designed for stacking, making the most of modern kitchen storage and saving cabinet space.

The white ceramic mug features a beloved silhouette that adds a stylish touch to any kitchen. The modern ceramic coffee mugs are stylish accessory for an office desk, ideal for birthdays, Christmas, weddings, housewarmings and more for friends, family and colleagues.

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