Ceramic Spice Jar Set

The ceramic spice jar set is the most important storage container in the kitchen. Ceramic jars not only keep spices, but also make the kitchen more tidy and clean. The high-value ceramic seasoning jar set is even more pleasing to the eye and can make your kitchen more beautiful. We have a range of seasoning jars in various styles. The spice jar is made of high-quality ceramics, with delicate porcelain, high temperature firing, good quality and high appearance, which makes the kitchen look more stylish.

Ceramic spice jar set comes with ceramic spoon, base, ceramic jar. Each one is the right size and is more even and beautiful when placed together. Modern ceramic spice jars are suitable for keeping sugar, pepper, beans, salt, chili, Cumin powder condiment dry, perfect for kitchen use.

Ceramic Spice Jar Set Features

Small Ceramic Spice Jars
Ceramic Spice Jars With Lids
  • The spice jar is made of high-quality ceramics and fired at high temperature. The porcelain is fine and transparent, with high hardness and is not easy to wear.
  • The ceramic jar adopts the underglaze color process, the glaze surface is delicate and smooth, wear-resistant, easy to clean, and has the dual enjoyment of texture and vision.
  • The base is made by hand, and the grooves are just right to place the ceramic pots, adding color to the kitchen and making cooking full of ritual.
  • Nice ceramic sugar jar that the tops have a cut-out to make the spoon can stick out, convenience to use.
    The covers keep splatters from contaminating the contents.
  • Each ceramic jar has its own scoop for everyday use and prevents odors from getting between condiments.
Colorful Ceramic Spice Jar Set
Ceramic Spice Jars in Bulk

Ceramic Spice Jars Supplier

TYZ Ceramic is a ceramic storage jars manufacturer, we offer wholesale the ceramic spice jar set in different shapes. The Seasoning Jar Set is suitable for storing a variety of seasonings and spices. Clean and simple lines and elegant color glaze make the ceramic jar attractive enough. These ceramic spice jar sets are small and don’t take up much storage space.

The appearance of the ceramic jar gives a small and fresh feeling, it is convenient to use, and the appearance is good. Each ceramic jar has its own place, which will not appear crowded. At the same time, it is equipped with a seasoning spoon of the same appearance, which is convenient for daily use and does not taint the smell. The groove on the lid is convenient for placing the seasoning spoon.

Ceramic spice jars are good storage utensils, which can help us organize the scattered parts of the kitchen in an orderly manner and save space. Ceramic spice jar set has a high value and can help you set off the atmosphere of your home. The ceramic spice and sugar jars are suitable for all kinds of scenes family, kitchens,hotel, cafe, tea parties, party, restaurant.



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