Find the Best Ceramic Bag Vases

Ceramic Bag Vases Wholesale

The ceramic bag vases are made from high-quality ceramic and take the shape of a tote bag. Handcrafted ceramic vases add a unique touch to a variety of decorating themes. Decorative handbag vases suit a variety of styles such as modern farmhouse, rustic, classic charm, rustic, elegant and simple. These stunning ceramic bag vases pair … Read more

Nordic Minimalist Vase

Nordic Ceramic Vase

The white Nordic minimalist vase is a decorative ceramic bud vase, suitable for all kinds of long neck flowers, can be used as table decoration, wedding, dining room, living room, office and other decorations. Model Number: TYZ-CV13 Material: Ceramic Color: Off-white Dimensions: 6″L x 2″W x 8″H Shape: Round Request A Quote Our white Nordic … Read more

Ceramic Handbag Vases

Ceramic Handbag Vases

The colorful ceramic handbag vases have unique personalized appearance design, which are romantic and fashionable, becoming a part of your home decoration collection. Beautiful ceramic vases will not only add a pop of color to your home decor, but will allow you to showcase your creativity and personal style. Model Number: TYZ-CV12 Material: Ceramic Technology: … Read more

Nordic Ceramic Vases

Nordic Ceramic Vases

The Nordic ceramic vases are lovely modern vases for the home decor lover. This Nordic vase is intricately designed with ridges and gold finish, gold edging adds soft and elegant texture. Our ceramic vases come in three sizes, large, medium and small, and are perfect for holding long stems. Model Number: TYZ-CV11 Material: Ceramic Technology: … Read more

Small Ceramic Vase Set

Small Ceramic Vase Set

The small ceramic vase set includes 4 uniquely shaped colorful ceramic vases for home decor. These small colored ceramic vases are popular for their simple and elegant design, perfect for homes, offices, shops, restaurants, bookshelves and more. Model Number: TYZ-CV10 Material: Ceramic Shape: Round Color: White, Yellow, Pink, Green, Blue Size: 10*10.5cm, 8*14cm, 7.5*14cm, 8*15cm … Read more

Cactus Ceramic Vase

White Cactus Ceramic Vases

The cactus ceramic vase is designed in the shape of a creative cactus, adding a fresh and unique touch to your home. Decorative cactus shaped planter is perfect for any home decor, patio, counter or office desk. We have the creative casyus shape ceramic pot in two sizes. Model Number: TYZ-CV09 Material: Ceramic Glaze Type: … Read more

Ceramic Vases Set

Ceramic Vases Set

The 3-piece ceramic vases set includes a large vase, a small vase and a disc. Vase set of 3 is made of high quality ceramic and fired at high temperature. We offer the ceramic bud vases sets in different pattern. The ceramic vases set has a vintage style with vintage flower and bird motifs. Model … Read more

Modern Ceramic Vases

Modern Ceramic Vases

The modern ceramic vases have clean, simple, elegant solid color look that complements any home decor style. The unique and modern vase is made of high-quality ceramic material, which is durable and easy to maintain. Model Number: TYZ-CV07 Material: Ceramic Glaze Type: On-glazed Color: Blue, White, Pink, Green Size: 9*18cm, 11*24cm,12*28cm Request A Quote The … Read more

Find the Best Modern White Ceramic Vases for Home Decoration

Modern White Ceramic Vase

The modern white ceramic vases are unique and stylish in design, suitable for many room decors and home styles, rustic, aesthetic, and simple. Each unique handcrafted vase is made of high-quality ceramic for durability. The frosted surface gives you more different touch and aesthetic feeling, and every detail shows the excellent workmanship. These modern white … Read more

Blue White Ceramic Vase

Blue White Ceramic Vases

The blue white ceramic vase features a unique swirl design, the soft two-tone color of the frosted ceramic vase complements contemporary decor. The classic blue and white color can be easily paired with any flower, adding a decorative touch to any occasion. These vases have a frosted finish with a slight shimmer. Model Number: TYZ-CV06 … Read more



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