Indoor Ceramic Pots

Indoor Ceramic Pots

The indoor ceramic pots feature a unique and elegant design, with a classic cylindrical exterior with a spherical design, adding a beautiful and unique touch to indoor spaces. We have three colors to choose from: white, cream, and silver. Model Number: TYZ-FP12 Material: Ceramic Color: White, Cream, Silver Shape: Round Size: 14*13cm, 19*17cm Request A … Read more

Face Pottery Planters

Face Pottery Planters

The face pottery planters feature creative and fun face figurines. They are made of special clay material fired at high temperature. The light pottery pots are sprayed with a layer of glaze inside and outside to make the flowerpots stronger and thicker. The modern face-shaped ceramic planters are suitable for a variety of plant combinations, … Read more

White Ceramic Planter With Tray

Small White Ceramic Pots

The white ceramic planter with tray is made of high-quality ceramic with a smooth surface that is easy to use and clean. We have white flower pots and bamboo trays in various shapes, round, hexagonal, etc. With their compact design, these white ceramic planters are perfect for growing succulents, cacti, and other small plants, these … Read more

Ceramic Bunny Planter

Ceramic Bunny Planter

The white ceramic bunny planter is a plant pot with simple and creative design, which is very suitable for planting succulents, moss plants. The beautiful rabbit ceramic planters can be used for home, office, holiday display decoration. They will add interest to your tabletop. Model Number: TYZ-FP09 Material: Ceramic Shape: Bunny Shape Color: White Size: … Read more

Ceramic Animal Planter Pots

Ceramic Animal Planter Pot

The ceramic animal planter pots are shaped like alpacas, highly ornamental, and are fired at high temperatures. The alpaca-shaped ceramic flower pot is super breathable and suitable for the growth of various plants. This animal ceramic plant pot is ideal for growing succulents, cacti, air plants, aloe vera and other small plants. Model Number: TYZ-FP08 … Read more

Ceramic Pot Planter With Saucer

Speckled Ceramic Flower Pot With Saucer

The ceramic pot planter with saucer has a speckled design and is ideal for growing indoor and outdoor plants. The round ceramic planter has drainage holes in the bottom to allow excess water to drain into the ceramic saucer. Drainage holes filter excess water from the soil, and plants create a healthy living environment. Model … Read more

Colored Glazed Plant Pots

Gold Pleated Ceramic Plant Pot

The colored glazed plant pots are pleated ceramic planters in the shape of a cloth bag. The unique design of this ceramic vase retains the dynamic beauty of the crinkled cloth bag, yet combines the sophistication and modernity of the ceramic vase. Model Number: TYZ-FP06 Material: Ceramic Color: White, Gold, Silver, Green, Pink, Orange Shape: … Read more

Ceramic Cylinder Pots

Handmade Ceramic Plant Pot

Ceramic cylinder pots are hand-painted and have a modern, minimalist and stylish design. This ceramic flower pot can be matched with various styles of home, whether it is modern simplicity, Nordic style, warm pastoral style can be easily controlled. Model Number: TYZ-FP05 Material: Ceramic Finishing: Glazed Color: White and Blue Shape: Round Request A Quote … Read more

Humanoid Ceramic Flower Pot

Black Humanoid Ceramic Flower Pot with Glasses

Humanoid ceramic flower pot with glasses comes in four different cute looks. This human shaped ceramic planter can be put into your favorite green plants, and can be used as a flower pot for decorating windowsills, table tops, coffee tables, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, balconies. Model Number: TYZ-FP04 Material: Ceramic Shape: human shape Finishing: … Read more

Planet Ceramic Pot

Planet Ceramic Pot

The planet ceramic pot is made of high-quality ceramics, and fired at 800° high temperature, which is environmentally friendly and durable. Available in 3 sizes, the spherical speckled vase is even more beautiful with gold accents. This spherical ceramic planter holds small items, cacti, succulents and more. Model Number: TYZ-FP03 Material: Ceramic Finishing: Glazed Shape: … Read more



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