Ceramic Kitchen Canister

The ceramic kitchen canister has a sleek and beautiful appearance. The ceramic surface is smooth, so the ceramic jar body has a groove design. This makes it easy to hold with one hand and secure against falling. This ceramic food container for kitchen is simple and stylish, naturally fresh. The white ceramic jar with bamboo lid adds elegance and modernity.

Ceramic Kitchen Canisters Bulk

Model Number: TYZ-KC04

Capacity: 700ml, 1100ml

Material: Ceramic

Shape: round

Color: White, Green

Size: 10*13.6cm,10*18.4cm

Green Ceramic Kitchen Canister
White Ceramic Kitchen Canister

We offer two different capacity ceramic jars with lids: 700ml and 1L. This ceramic food storage container includes white ceramic canister and green ceramic kitchen canister. The exquisite wooden cover is hand-sanded smooth, no hand rubbing, no cracking, no mold.

Ceramic food canister is easy to store and suitable for coffee, tea, spaghetti, candy, cookies, sugar, salt, pepper, flour, seeds and more.

Ceramic Kitchen Canister Features

Ceramic Kitchen Canister
Ceramic Food Canister
Ceramic Food Container
  • Ceramic food storage containers are made of high-quality, smooth porcelain.
  • Ceramic container with bamboo lid and rubber seal to ensure airtightness and light-tightness.
  • The silicone ring keeps air out, creating an airtight environment that keeps food dry and fresh.
  • The ceramic storage container has a flat bottom and can be easily stacked, saving you space in the kitchen.

Ceramic Storage Canisters Supplier

Ceramic Coffee Canister
Ceramic Canisters

TYZ Ceramic is a manufacturer specializing in the production of ceramic products. Our design purpose is to create suitable products for home life, and to create unique and stylish kitchen ceramic storage containers for each family, making the kitchen more tidy and beautiful.

Our food storage jars are made of high-quality clay, less prone to cracking and mildew, more durable than plastic and glass storage jars. The lid is made of bamboo wood with an environmentally friendly sealing rubber ring for improved airtightness. Ceramic Kitchen Canister with lid keeps food dry and fresh.

Tips for tightening the lid

In addition to pressing the lid straight down, please tighten the lid like a screw. This evacuates the air from the container and seals it more tightly.

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