Ceramic Pump Dispenser

The ceramic pump dispenser is designed with bamboo lid, bamboo tray and metal pump, each ceramic bottle can hold 400ml of liquid, suitable for lotion, laundry detergent, hand soap, essential oil and body wash, etc.

Ceramic Pump Dispensers

Model Number: TYZ-CD05

Material: Ceramic

Capacity: 400ml

Color: White, Gray, Black

Shape: Round

Size: 6*10cm

Soap Dispenser Ceramic Set
Black Ceramic Lotion Dispenser

The refillable liquid lotion dispenser bottle is made of durable ceramic, and we are available in white, black and grey. The simple ceramic style is perfect for any decor and can be used in the kitchen, bathroom or anywhere.

The sturdy metal pump head is durable, can maintain long-term luster, comfortable to press, convenient and practical.

Ceramic Pump Dispenser
Ceramic Soap Dispenser Pump

Ceramic Pump Dispenser Supplier

TYZ Ceramic is a manufacturer of ceramic products, we provide high quality ceramic soap dispenser bottles set. The ceramic hand soap dispenser features a removable pump head and wide mouth. It is durable and easy to clean.

The ceramic dispenser bottle has a wide mouth design, which makes it easy to fill the bottle with liquids. The soap pump is comfortable to press, clean and hygienic, convenient and practical.

The bamboo tray adopts groove design, which is non-slip and wear-resistant, making the ceramic soap dispenser more stable.

Black Ceramic Pump Dispenser
Handmade Pottery Soap Dispensers
White Ceramic Pump Dispenser

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