Ceramic Speckled Mug

Ceramic speckled mug is designed with irregular ink dots, and each ceramic mug is different. This ceramic mug with handle is available in two different capacities: 320ml and 330ml large ceramic mug.

Ceramic Speckled Mugs

Model Number: TYZ-CM014

Capacity: 300-400ml

Color: white

Material: Ceramic

Size: 16*9cm, 12*9.3cm

Speckled Ceramic Coffee Mugs
Speckled Mug Ceramic

There are two popular ceramic mugs with unique and stylish designs. One of them features tall coffee mug and oval handle. Another ceramic speckled mug features wide mouth and large round handle, the handle looks like a large ear.

The spotted ceramic coffee mug can be made into a square. The ceramic mug features a hand-glazed glossy speckled pattern that adds some visual delight to the teacup. Its square handle is designed to fit comfortably in the hand.

Ceramic Speckled Mug Features

Speckled Stoneware Mug
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  • High-quality coffee mugs are made of durable lead- and cadmium-free porcelain. The ceramic spot cup is impact resistant and durable.
  • The ceramic coffee mugs use special inkjet technology, each mug is very stylish and unique.
  • Each ceramic handle holds the cup comfortably and prevents it from spinning.
  • Ceramic mugs are perfect for hot or cold beverages like cappuccino, coffee, tea, cocoa, milk, oatmeal, shakes, etc.

Speckled Ceramic Coffee Mugs Manufacturer

Ceramic Speckled Coffee Mugs
Color Speckled Ceramic Mugs

Taoyangzi Ceramic is a modern ceramic production enterprise with design and development capabilities. It mainly produces ceramic series products such as ceramic cups, ceramic pots, ceramic vases, and ceramic candle holders.

We also have speckled ceramic mugs with big handles in colors: Pink Ceramic Cup, Green Ceramic Mug, Yellow Ceramic Coffee Mug, and Purple Speckled Pottery Mug. These ceramic cups are made with underglaze color, which is healthy and safe.

Our ceramic cups products strictly require every process in the whole process, and the products made meet the quality requirements.

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