Ceramic Kitchen Soap Dispenser

The ceramic kitchen soap dispenser features a rhombus-shaped geometric embossed design, the gold and silver soap dispensers have an elegant and noble look. The round soap dispenser is made of thick, sturdy high quality ceramic material, they fit most bathroom kitchen sinks and countertops.

Gold Kitchen Soap Dispensers

Model Number: TYZ-CD04

Material: Ceramic

Capacity: 400ml

Color: Gold, Silver

Shape: Round

Size: 8.4*11.5cm

Gold and Silver Soap Dispenser
Gold Kitchen Soap Dispensers

The round ceramic soap dispenser bottle can hold a capacity of 400ml, and the detachable pump head is easy to install. We have two colors to choose from: Gold and Silver.

Bathroom Kitchen Ceramic Soap Dispenser is reusable with a glossy finish. Gold and silver ceramic soap bottles are extremely durable and resistant to corrosion, stains, rust and odors. They are best suited for humid environments.

Ceramic Kitchen Soap Dispenser Supplier

Gold and Silver Foaming Soap Dispensers
Gold Hand Soap Dispensers

TYZ Ceramic is a manufacturer of ceramic products, our ceramic soap dispensers are great accessories for kitchens and bathrooms. The ceramic dispenser bottles are rust-proof, leak-proof and very durable.

Ceramic Lotion Soap Dispenser with Pump is a refillable hand soap dispenser, high quality soap dispenser bathroom accessory, perfect for bathroom, kitchen, bedroom decor.

The ceramic kitchen soap dispenser has a classic design that works perfectly with any room decor and is a great choice for most homes. Ceramic foam soap dispensers are healthy and safe. It can be reused and refilled. They are suitable for storing and dispensing liquid soaps, dish soaps, lotions, shampoos, hand soaps, essential oils and more.

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