Ceramic Mug With Handle

The ceramic mug with handle features curved waves. The unique thick handle design and wavy cup body look beautiful at home. The arc design at the mouth of the cup makes the contact experience between the lips and the mouth of the cup better.

Ceramic Mug With Handle

Model Number: TYZ-CM021

Capacity: 300-400ml

Color: White, Green, Yellow, Black

Material: Ceramic

Size: 13.5*10.5cm

Chubby Ceramic Mug with Handle

The chubby ceramic mug has a 400ml capacity and can hold coffee, tea, milk, hot chocolate, or other beverages. We supply wavy ceramic mugs in many colors with ink dots in white, white, green, yellow, and black.

Ceramic Mug With Handle Features

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  • The uniquely designed handmade ceramic mug includes a rounded handle for a comfortable feel.
  • The design of the wavy ceramic coffee mug features the shape of a three-layer “doughnut” combination, and the simple and creative mug has a Nordic style. 
  • This ceramic mug with handle has a smooth surface and an easy-to-use handle. The thickened ceramic mug won’t get hot when you use it.

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