Small Ceramic Vase Set

The small ceramic vase set includes 4 uniquely shaped colorful ceramic vases for home decor. These small colored ceramic vases are popular for their simple and elegant design, perfect for homes, offices, shops, restaurants, bookshelves and more.

Small Ceramic Vases Set

Model Number: TYZ-CV10

Material: Ceramic

Shape: Round

Color: White, Yellow, Pink, Green, Blue

Size: 10*10.5cm, 8*14cm, 7.5*14cm, 8*15cm

Small White Ceramic Vase
Small Yellow Ceramic Vases
Small Pink Ceramic Vase
Small Blue Ceramic Vases
Small Green Ceramic Vases Set

We offer the small ceramic vase set in unique Morandi colors, Small White Ceramic Vase, Small Yellow Ceramic Vase, Small Pink Ceramic Vase, Small Green Ceramic Vase, and Small Blue Ceramic Vase.

This set of mini ceramic vases can be used to decorate multiple rooms. The multi-coloured ceramic vases allow for bold combinations, the bright colors go well with any warm-colored scene, perfect for all decor styles in homes, offices, shops, restaurants and cafes.

Small Ceramic Vase Set Features

Ceramic Small Vase
Small Colorful Ceramic Vase
  • Small ceramic vase sets come in a variety of designs, can be displayed individually or as a set, which can beautify and add style to your living space.
  • The ceramic vase has a frosted textured finish that will look new over the years.
  • These vases were fired twice at a high temperature to make themselves denser and more solid. They are perfect for dried flowers, grasses, or florals.

Small Ceramic Vases Wholesale

Small Ceramic Flower Vase
Small Ceramic Vase Set
Small Round Ceramic Vase

TYZ Ceramic is one of the best ceramic vase sets suppliers, we offer wholesale small ceramic vase set in different shapes and colors. These handcrafted ceramic vases sets are strong and durable. We can also customize the color and shape of ceramic vases according to customer needs.

This small ceramic vases set has a stylish design and exquisite appearance, not only can be used as centerpieces for home dining tables, but also classic decorations for parties, wedding venues. It is perfect backdrop decorations for photography lovers.

This set of high-quality small ceramic vases in different colors has a unique design that will complement any home decor style. A colorful vase will bring a touch of brightness and will add a pop of color to your home decor. These modern ceramic vases can be used to hold yellow, white, red or dried flowers for a different style of decor.

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