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We offer various styles of ceramic bowls, round ceramic bowl, irregular shaped ceramic bowl, ceramic bowl with lid, ceramic bowl with handle, small ceramic bowl and large ceramic bowl. These ceramic serving bowls have different serving purposes like Ceramic Fruit Bowl, Ceramic Soup Bowl, Ceramic Ramen Bowl, Ceramic Salad Bowl, Ceramic Pasta Bowl, Ceramic Noodle Bowl, Ceramic Rice Bowls.

Advantages of Ceramic Serving Bowls

  • The ceramic rice bowl for daily use has a bright and delicate glaze and is easy to wash off after use.
  • Ceramic soup bowls have better thermal stability and slow heat transfer. It can withstand changes in a certain temperature difference and is not easy to burst. Ceramics are poor conductors of heat, transfer heat slowly, and are used to hold hot food without being too hot to handle.
  • Ceramic noodles bowls are chemically stable and durable. Ceramics have certain resistance to acid, alkali, and salt erosion, and are not easy to chemically react with these substances, and do not rust and age.
  • The ceramic serving bowl has very few pores and low water absorption. Use daily-use porcelain to store food, and seal the mouth tightly to prevent moisture in the food from volatilizing, infiltrating, and being invaded by external bacteria.
  • The painted decorations of the ceramic bowls are colorful. Especially high-temperature glaze and blue and white decoration are free of lead poisoning hazards, which are very popular.
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Ceramic Bowls Manufacturer

There are three forms of ceramic serving bowls printing, underglaze, underglaze and overglaze. After printing, it can be sent to the second firing, which is covered with glaze.

“Underglaze color” is to draw patterns on the raw embryo, before firing the raw embryo. “Color in the glaze” needs to be printed after the porcelain is fired into a blank. “Color on the glaze” is made after the white porcelain body is fired. After making the picture, it is finally fired.

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Ceramic Bowls Production Process

1. Mud for making ceramic bowls.

All kinds of china clay should be mixed together according to a specific proportion, and then beat together with water after being finely ground. Then remove all kinds of impurities in the mud, and then there are the links of sieving, pumping and pressing. The last step is to practice mud and stir, so that the mud can be used to make porcelain.

2. Machine made

The cut mud is sent to the rotary machine, the upper mold is pressed down according to the beveled bowl shape, and the slicing scraper at the bottom removes the excess mud, and the prototype of a bowl appears.

3. Bake dry, sand smooth

At this time, the porcelain rice bowl is still mud, and it has to go through a drying tunnel. After baking, control the moisture in the mud bowl. Use a damp ribbon sponge to round the sides of the rice bowl.

4. Ceramic bowls are fired many times

The shaped clay bowl is sent to be fired, but not just once. It was fired three times: the original embryos were fired with mud, and then the glossy white porcelain body was fired after glazing, and finally the final ceramic bowls product was printed and fired.



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