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Small Ceramic Bowl With Lid

Small Ceramic Bowl With Lid

The small ceramic bowl with lid is made of high-grade ceramic material. This white ceramic bowl is a classic style with a smooth, clear finish that’s easy to clean. The small ceramic pot with lid is perfect for simmering eggs, soup, bird’s nest, desserts and other foods. We have small white ceramic bowls in three … Read more

Small Ceramic Vase Set

Small Ceramic Vase Set

The small ceramic vase set includes 4 uniquely shaped colorful ceramic vases for home decor. These small colored ceramic vases are popular for their simple and elegant design, perfect for homes, offices, shops, restaurants, bookshelves and more. We offer the small ceramic vase set in unique Morandi colors, Small White Ceramic Vase, Small Yellow Ceramic … Read more

Marble Ceramic Tray with Gold Rim

Marble Ceramic Tray

The marble ceramic tray with gold rim is made of high quality ceramic with a beautiful glossy glaze. This ceramic dish features a Nordic marble pattern with a gold edge, and is handcrafted by skilled artisans. The marble ceramic tray is perfect for holding shampoo, lotion bottles, cosmetics, toiletries and other toiletry items. We have … Read more

Modern Ceramic Dinnerware

Modern Ceramic Dinnerware Set

The modern ceramic dinnerware has a minimalist and unique design in three gradient colors. Exquisite hand-painted faience workmanship makes each round plate and bowl unique. The smooth glaze on the surface makes it easy to clean without stains. The modern ceramic dinnerware set includes 2 sizes of round plates and 3 sizes of gradient ceramic … Read more

Ceramic Thanksgiving Plates

Ceramic Thanksgiving Plates and Bowls

Ceramic Thanksgiving Plates are designed with pumpkins and turkeys in a pastoral style. Pumpkin patterns make the kitchen more special and bright, they are perfect as Thanksgiving gifts for friends. These Thanksgiving ceramic dinnerware sets are dishwasher, oven, microwave and freezer safe. These Thanksgiving ceramic dinnerware sets include 3 sizes of ceramic bakeware with handles, … Read more

Ceramic Sauce Dish with Handle

The ceramic sauce dish with handle is made of high-quality ceramic, non-toxic and BPA free, safe for dishwasher and microwave. The ceramic dipping bowl is designed with a handle for easy use. The small ceramic dish holds oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, dried fruit, snacks, side dishes and more. We have 9 colors of ceramic sauce … Read more

Ceramic Plates and Bowls Sets

Handmade Ceramic Plates And Bowls Sets

The ceramic plates and bowls sets have a Nordic style, are fashion and elegant. The ceramic tableware is embellished with golden rims, which adds to the artistic color of the soul. The dining table can also be beautiful and feel life, making every meal fun. The ceramic plates and bowls sets include 4.5in and 8in … Read more

Marble Ceramic Dinnerware Set

Marble Ceramic Dinnerware

The marble ceramic dinnerware set is designed in elegant gray corrugated marble, and Gold-plated rims give this tableware set a timeless aesthetic that never goes out of style. This ceramic dinnerware set is made of high-quality porcelainshatterproof, durable, odor-free and durable enough to serve you for a long time. The marble ceramic dinnerware set includes … Read more

Ceramic Ice Cream Cone Cups

Ceramic Dessert Ice Cream Cone Set

The ceramic ice cream cone cups are crafted with exquisite workmanship, and the cone design is elegant and very attractive. We offer the ceramic ice cream cone cups in 3 colors: pink, fresh fruit green, and dark green. Each color of ice cream cone has its own charm. These ceramic dessert cups can hold 200ml … Read more

Household Ceramics Manufacturer

Household Ceramics Manufacturer

TYZ Ceramic is a household ceramics manufacturer, we offer ceramic bowls, cooking pots, mugs, vases and storage jars to complete your home. Classification of Household Ceramics Classification by ceramic material: At present, the household ceramics circulating in the market include daily-use fine porcelain, daily-use ordinary porcelain, daily-use stoneware, bone china, Linglong daily-use porcelain, and daily-use … Read more