Ceramic House Candle Holder

The ceramic house candle holder is a handcrafted beautiful ceramic container for tea light. This white ceramic tea light house has a cutout design. A candle is placed in the tealight ceramic house, and the flickering light can shine through the hand-carved windows of the porcelain house. It can light up your living room and create a warm and romantic atmosphere for you.

White Ceramic House Candle Holders

Model Number: TYZ-CH08

Material: Ceramic

Shape: House

Color: White

Ceramic White House Candle Holder
House Candle Holder Ceramic

We offer 7 different styles of white ceramic house tea light holders. Tealight ceramic houses have a simple look that can be used in every home. The tea light ceramic house is delicate, sturdy and beautiful, with a flat bottom for stability. Large side openings allow for candle placement inside, perfect for wax or LED candles of all sizes.

White Ceramic House Tealight Holder
Ceramic Tea Light House

Ceramic House Candle Holder Supplier

TYZ Ceramic is a manufacturer of ceramic products, we provide various styles of ceramic candle containers and wax melt warmers.

Tealight ceramic holder decorates every room of your home in a modern and comfortable way. Especially in the dead of night, under the warm candlelight, the ceramic house tealight candle holder comes in handy.

Ceramic Lighthouse Candle Holder
Pottery House Candle Holders

The Tea Light Ceramic House is perfect for creating beautiful table top decorations and as a romantic decoration for special events such as Christmas, weddings, birthdays and candlelight dinners. Ceramic House Candle Holder is an ideal gift option for friends and family.

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