Marble Ceramic Tray with Gold Rim

The marble ceramic tray with gold rim is made of high quality ceramic with a beautiful glossy glaze. This ceramic dish features a Nordic marble pattern with a gold edge, and is handcrafted by skilled artisans. The marble ceramic tray is perfect for holding shampoo, lotion bottles, cosmetics, toiletries and other toiletry items.

Ceramic Marble Tray

Model Number: TYZ-CT01

Material: Ceramic

Color: White, Pink, Blue, Black

Shape: Oval

Size: 21*11.5cm, 32*15cm

Marble Ceramic Tray Decor
Marble Ceramic Jewelry Tray

We have two sizes of marble ceramic dishes. The texture of each ceramic plate has a different texture, which creates its unique beauty. This minimalist ceramic marble tray is available in a variety of colors: White, Pink, Blue, and Black. You can choose the one that best suits your lifestyle and home decor, it is perfect for displaying jewelry, cosmetics, perfume, nail polish and more.

Marble Ceramic Tray with Gold Rim Features

Marble Ceramic Tray with Gold Rim
White Marble Tray
Marble Pattern Ceramic Plates
  • The golden edge is embellished with elegant marble, which enhances the texture of the entire ceramic plate and makes it more elegant.
  • The marble texture at the bottom makes the whole look more beautiful. The edges of ceramic tray are slightly raised for added practicality.
  • The marble ceramic tray with rim is multifunctional, it can be uesd as a jewelry tray, ring holder, bracelet tray, dessert tray and more. It is also a beautiful decoration for engagements and weddings.

Custom Ceramic Trays

Colored Marble Ceramic Tray
Colored Ceramic Marble Trays

TYZ Ceramic is a professional ceramic household products manufacturer, we offer colored marble ceramic trays in different shapes and sizes. They are used as coffee saucers, serving plates.

The ceramic tray is waterproof, leakproof and easy to clean. Clean curves and a marble-patterned finish enhance the allure of the ceramic tray. The texture of marble always has a natural feeling, like the irregular texture of ink landscape, like rhythmic flowing water, which impacts people’s visual nerves.

These decorative ceramic marble trays complement the decor of any room. Elegant ceramic tray organizer to help organize rings, earrings, makeup, perfume or display candles and trinkets, making every space look classy and classy.

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