Crescent Shape Ceramic Plates

The crescent shape ceramic plates can form a variety of dinner plates, and they can serve any type of food. These crescent shaped plates are perfect as dinner and salad plates, or dessert plates. We have crescent shape ceramic plates in a variety of colors, the reactive glaze process creates a unique color effect for each ceramic plate.

Crescent Shape Ceramic Plate

Model Number: TYZ-CTS012

Material: Ceramic

Color: White, Black, Blue

Shape: crescent shape

Size: 21*12*3.7cm

Crescent Shape Ceramic Plates Bulk
Blue Crescent Shape Ceramic Plates
Crescent Shape Ceramic Plates for Sale

The ceramic plate features a minimalist crescent-style design that makes a statement in your kitchen. This crescent-shaped plate can be used to serve vegetables or fruit. The crescent-shaped ceramic platter can be combined into different shapes to serve as a table centerpiece.

Crescent Shape Ceramic Plates Features

Crescent Shaped Plates
Ceramic Dinner Plates
  • This ceramic dinner plate has a very strong and textured glaze that resists scratches from cutlery and maintains long-lasting color. 
  • The crescent ceramic salad plates are stackable to save a lot of space on the cabinet or shelf.
  • Each ceramic plate has a slightly different glaze. The smooth ceramic plate surface is easy to clean.

Wholesale Crescent Shape Ceramic Plates

Crescent Shape Ceramic Plates Wholesale
Crescent Platter Dinner Plates
Crescent Shape Ceramic Plates Set

TYZ Ceramic is a professional ceramic tableware manufacturer, we offer wholesale crescent shape ceramic plates in different colors and sizes. Our plates are made of high-quality, durable ceramic material. Each plate is easy to clean for maximum versatility and convenience.

Compared to more traditional square or round dessert plates, one benefit of crescent shaped ceramic plates is that they fit together nicely and save table space. These attractive ceramic plates add a touch of interest to any meal.

Crescent Dinner Plates Dinnerware
Crescent Platter Dinnerware Set

These crescent shape ceramic plates are perfect for serving different types of food, such as steak, pasta, pizza, seafood, soup, and other entrees or fruits. These small plates are stackable for easier storage and can be used by multiple people. They are perfect for homes, restaurants, caterers, office parties, banquet settings, and other events.

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