Ceramic Coffee Cup and Saucer

The ceramic coffee cup and saucer set is suitable for many occasions such as office, home, coffee shop, bar, restaurant, and other places. The ceramic coffee cup with saucer has a simple modern style and beautiful floral patterns. You can also appreciate the beauty of nature after busy work.

175ml Ceramic Coffee Cup with Saucer

Model Number: TYZ-CCS11

Capacity: 175ml

Color: kapok, European style, rose love

Material: ceramic bone china

Size: cup 10.22*6.5cm, saucer 15.1*2.7cm

Ceramic Tea Cup with Saucer
Ceramic Tea Cup and Saucer

Our ceramic coffee cup and saucer are made of healthy, heat-resistant ceramic or bone china. The smooth surface of the ceramic coffee mug depicts kapok and roses, making it the perfect holiday gift for friends and family, and a great gift for your loved ones.

Ceramic Coffee Cup and Saucer Features

Ceramic Cup and Saucer Set
Ceramic Coffee Cup and Saucer
Ceramic Tea Cup and Saucer Set
  • The ceramic cup body is smooth and delicate, with smooth lines, light and bright.
  • There are 3 styles of cups and saucers to enrich your choices.
  • Cup handle design, comfortable to hold, enjoy silky smoothness.
  • The round and delicate handle is carefully polished for a comfortable grip
  • The smooth ceramic coffee mug has a silky feel and is super easy to clean.

How to Choose Ceramic Coffee Mugs

Ceramic Coffee Mugs Wholesale​
Ceramic Coffee Sets Wholesale

In this era of diversity, coffee is widely loved as a must for leisure work, so it is very important to have a suitable cup. But a variety of cups, materials, and shapes are dazzling. Among ceramic coffee cups, bone china ceramic cups stand out for their excellent performance and beautiful and elegant appearance.

Ceramic coffee cup and saucer enrich our life and shorten the distance between you and me. It is a kind of happiness to make a cup of coffee and share warm, comfortable and interesting coffee time with relatives and friends. The beauty of a cup of coffee makes ordinary days exude a poetic flavor. The elegance of the ceramic coffee mug matches the rich aroma of the coffee. How can you express your love for coffee without a set of ceramic coffee cups and saucers?

Ceramic Coffee Mugs Wholesale

TYZ Ceramic is a manufacturer of ceramic products. We provide wholesale gold-edged ceramic coffee cup and saucer sets in different shapes, and also customize creative ceramic mugs, Christmas ceramic mugs, advertising mugs, cartoon ceramic mugs, 3D ceramic coffee mugs, fashion mugs and other products.

We provide wholesale ceramic coffee mugs and saucers in different patterns. Using electroplating technology and printing technology, the material is ceramic or bone china, with various types and capacities, stylish and elegant.

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