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Ceramic Sauce Dish with Handle

The ceramic sauce dish with handle is made of high-quality ceramic, non-toxic and BPA free, safe for dishwasher and microwave. The ceramic dipping bowl is designed with a handle for easy use. The small ceramic dish holds oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, dried fruit, snacks, side dishes and more.

Ceramic Soy Sauce Dishes wtih Handles

Model Number: TYZ-CSD01

Material: Ceramic

Shape: Round

Color: White, Black, Pink, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Dark Green, Dark Blue

Size: 10.2*6.2*2.3cm

We have 9 colors of ceramic sauce dish with handle: White, Black, Pink, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Dark Green, Dark Blue. Colored glazes make each dipping bowl a unique and beautiful color.

The thickened ceramic dipping bowl bottom can not only effectively insulate heat and protect the dining table from being scalded, but also is more stable on the table. The bottom of the ceramic dish is not glazed, which can effectively prevent slipping.

The small ceramic sauce dish with handle can be used to serve soy sauce, tomato sauce, appetizer for barbecue, buffet and party dinner. It is also great for individual servings of ice cream, desserts or snacks.

Colored Ceramic Sauce Dish Wholesale

TYZ Ceramic is a professional cermaic tableware manufacturer, we offer wholesale ceramic sauce dishes in different colors and sizes. The small ceramic sauce dishes are heat and impact resistant, they have very smooth surface that are easy to clean and does not retain food odors, tastes and colors.

The mini round plates with handles are stackable for easy storage. They are easy to hold by hand for dipping or baking. It’s easy to take it out of the microwave or oven just by the handle.

These ceramic bowls with handles are the perfect gift for mom and the perfect kitchen accessory to hold soy sauce, wasabi, seasonings, essences, dressings, salad dressings, sauces, ketchup, desserts, ice cream, nuts, tea bags, candies, Minced ginger or garlic, olive oil, chilli oil, grated cheese, spices, etc.

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