Heart Shaped Ceramic Plates

The heart shaped ceramic plates are made of durable porcelain, which is more durable and healthier than glass and plastic products. The ceramic tableware features a unique heart-shaped creative design, surrounded by golden pearl embellishments, fashionable and delicate.

Model Number: TYZ-HCP01

Material: Ceramic

Color: White

Shape: Heart Shaped, Round

Technique: Under Glazed

Size: 8in, 10in

Heart Shaped Ceramic Plates
Gold Rimmed Ceramic Tableware

We stock heart shaped ceramic plates and bowls in various sizes. In addition to heart-shaped ceramic plates, we also have round white ceramic plates and bowls with gold rims.

The white ceramic plate is fired at a high temperature above 1200°, which is healthy, safe, solid and durable. The white flatware is painted with handmade gold edges and is sterilizer and dishwasher safe.

Heart Shaped Ceramic Plates Features

Heart Shaped Ceramic Plates with Gold Rim
White Heart Ceramic Plate with Gold Rim
Heart Ceramic Plates
  • Our ceramic tableware is selected from high-quality clay, which is healthy and safe for high-temperature firing, and the glaze is smooth and delicate, which is easy to clean.
  • The bottom of the ceramic plate and bowl is unglazed, and has been carefully polished many times, so it does not wear the tabletop and is non-slip.
  • Heart Shaped Porcelain Dessert Plates are perfect for serving a variety of desserts, salads, breads, snacks, pasta and more.
  • Note: The white heart shaped ceramic plates with gold rims are not suitable for microwave ovens, ovens.

Custom Heart Shaped Ceramic Plates Manufacturer

Heart Shaped Ceramic Plates Wholesale
Pink Heart Shaped Ceramic Plates Supplier

TYZ Ceramic is a professional ceramic tableware manufacturer, we offer wholesale heart shaped ceramic plates in different colors. We can also customize ceramic heart plates in different colors and patterns according to customer needs.

These heart-shaped ceramic plates are easy to stack, and the dessert salad plates are high-temperature fired for durability, odor-free, and color-resistant.

These porcelain plates are both beautiful and practical, making them the perfect gift for friends and family. Ceramic Heart Dish is perfect for everyday use. These ceramic plates are as beautiful as they are functional, making them the perfect gift for friends and family.

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