Ceramic Bunny Planter

The white ceramic bunny planter is a plant pot with simple and creative design, which is very suitable for planting succulents, moss plants. The beautiful rabbit ceramic planters can be used for home, office, holiday display decoration. They will add interest to your tabletop.

Bunny Ceramic Planter

Model Number: TYZ-FP09

Material: Ceramic

Shape: Bunny Shape

Color: White

Size: 10*6*6.2cm

Ceramic Bunny Planters
White Ceramic Bunny Planters

These white ceramic bunny planters are versatile and can also be used as holders for items like candles, keys, pens or coins. They can decorate home, office, living room, dining table, etc. The animal ceramic planter pot is a perfect gift for wedding, birthday, Christmas.

Ceramic Bunny Planter Features

White Ceramic Rabbit Plant Pot
White Rabbit Ceramic Plant Pot
Succulent Planter
  • This adorable succulent plant pot is made of high-quality ceramic. It is smooth to the touch, environmentally friendly and does not hurt people.
  • Each ceramic rabbit planter has a drainage hole to allow water to flow through the soil and drain excess water.
  • Ceramic pots prevent overwatering the pots and help plants thrive. This ceramic bunny planter pots are large enough to hold small plants like succulents, cacti, herbs, ferns, and mosses.
Rabbit Planter Pot
White Ceramic Bunny Plant Pot
White Rabbit Ceramic Plant Pot Outdoor

Ceramic Animal Planters Supplier

TYZ Ceramic is a professional ceramic flower pots manufacturer, we offer white ceramic bunny planter pot in different shapes. We can also customize the favorite ceramic flower pots according to the needs of customers.

The cute bunny shape adds a unique decorative touch to succulents, and the ceramic planter with ventilation drainage holes allows succulents to grow better. They are perfect for holding small potted plants like succulents, cactus, and little flowers.

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