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Ceramic Thanksgiving Plates

Ceramic Thanksgiving Plates are designed with pumpkins and turkeys in a pastoral style. Pumpkin patterns make the kitchen more special and bright, they are perfect as Thanksgiving gifts for friends. These Thanksgiving ceramic dinnerware sets are dishwasher, oven, microwave and freezer safe.

Ceramic Thanksgiving Plates Set

Model Number: TYZ-CTS005

Material: Ceramic

Color: White

Shape: Square, Round

Plates Size: 24.8*19.6cm, 22.5*17.7cm, 30*16cm, 7in

Bowls Size: 4in, 4.5in, 4.75in, 5in, 6in, 8in

These Thanksgiving ceramic dinnerware sets include 3 sizes of ceramic bakeware with handles, round ceramic plates, two shapes of round bowls, and ceramic spoons.

Ceramic Thanksgiving plates adopt healthy underglaze process, free of lead, cadmium and other harmful substances. We can safely serve delicious food and take good care of the health of our family. The porcelain of these ceramic tableware is thick and delicate, and the glaze is smooth and easy to clean.

The ceramic plate has a unique double ear design, which is easier to hold and prevents the plate from falling. Ceramic plates with handles are suitable for serving salads, steaks, pasta, fruits, seafood, appetizers, pies, breads, and other main dishes or desserts, and can also be used as a ceramic baking dish, perfect for everyday use or party use.

Each plate and bowl has a unique pattern that will please everyone in the family and look great on the dinner table. Our ceramic plates and bowls can also bring a good visual experience while you taste delicious. Bright colors and pumpkin patterns make food look more delicious.

Ceramic Thanksgiving Plates and Bowls Supplier

We offer wholesale ceramic plates and bowls in various sizes, suitable for all kinds of dishes. White porcelain plate and bowl set features a classic accent of pumpkins, greenery and flowers that never goes out of style.

Our ceramic Thanksgiving plates and bowls feature raised, non-slip bottoms and anti-scald textured surfaces on the outside. The overall thickening makes the colorful dinner plate have effective heat insulation and anti-scald effects.

These ceramic tableware sets have a smooth inner glaze that won’t fade and is safe to use. Ceramic Thanksgiving plates and bowls are easy to stack without taking up too much kitchen space.

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