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Custom ceramic dinnerware comes in a variety of sizes and is versatile, they also come in stackable sizes to save cabinet space. We can apply patterns to ceramic plates, bowls and cups through the decal or silk screen printing process. Ceramic dinner plates have smooth surfaces and exquisite patterns that make the entire ceramic tableware collection more beautiful.

Ceramic decals use the pasting method to move the colorful patterns on the decal paper to the ceramic body or glaze. It is the most widely used decorative technique in modern ceramics. Pattern decoration is achieved by printing reproduction method, which is to print patterns directly on the utensils.

Green Ceramic Plates

People’s pursuit of the interest in life tends to be more diversified and personalized. Therefore, there is no tableware that can meet everyone’s needs, and different consumers require different styles of products.

Green Ceramic Plate and Mug

Custom Ceramic Dinnerware Manufacturer

We can customize many styles of ceramic tableware. They have a unique design, strong color contrast, and a sense of the times. Our ceramic products can be customized in size, LOGO, printed patterns, etc. The pattern adopts hand-painted technology and high-temperature applique technology. They are very suitable for young people who pursue individuality.

Green Custom Ceramic Dinnerware

These custom ceramic dinnerware are very distinctive in color design and can adapt to the home environment of different colors. Brightly colored tableware can add warmth and romance to your life.

Custom Ceramic Dinnerware

TYZ ceramic tableware has the advantages of high gloss, high temperature resistance and high strength. They can be used in microwave ovens and sterilizers and will not explode at high temperatures. Non-stick, non-toxic, lead-free, no harmful gases, all environmental protection indicators meet international standards. The edges are smooth, delicate to the touch, and easy to clean.

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