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Ceramic Plates and Bowls

Ceramic plates and bowls sets are available in three colors: white, pink, and green. Gold rims are added to the plate, bowl, and spoon, adding a special visual character. Each color has its own unique characteristics. The ceramic tableware series features an elegant design that is clean and beautiful to compliment the food perfectly.

Ceramic Plates And Bowls Setstes And Bowls Sets

Model Number: TYZ-CTS001

Material: Ceramic

Technique: On-glazed

Color: white

Shape: Round

Bowls Capacity: 300ml, 550ml, 1200ml, 1400ml

White ceramic crockery set in finely crafted white porcelain. Gold trim accentuates this white piece. The white ceramic dinnerware set with gold trim has a clean, elegant look. These white ceramic plates and bowls are ideal kitchen dishes, are perfect for entertaining family and friends.

Pink Ceramic Plates

Pink Ceramic Plates are certified quality ceramic tableware. Lead-free and cadmium-free, healthy and environmentally friendly. All ceramic plates and bowls are plated with luxurious wide gold rims for a high profile elegance. The flat base is easy to store and highly stackable for easy pairing with other tableware.

Green Ceramic Dinnerware

Green ceramic tableware is made of fine porcelain, which is healthy and environmentally friendly, free of lead and cadmium. Premium ceramic tableware in a deep, mysterious green with shimmering gold edges adds a touch of retro to the table setting. These Vintage Ceramic Plates are perfect for every occasion, including dinner parties, birthdays and weddings.

Ceramic Plates and Bowls Sets Features

Each piece is fired at over 1360 degrees Celsius to achieve fine porcelain quality.

The porcelain is delicate and shiny, and the glaze is bright and transparent.

Simple and elegant design, environmental protection.

Thick workmanship, comfortable grip.

The bottom of the cup is flat, which is stable and safe to use.

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