Ceramic Pot Planter With Saucer

The ceramic pot planter with saucer has a speckled design and is ideal for growing indoor and outdoor plants. The round ceramic planter has drainage holes in the bottom to allow excess water to drain into the ceramic saucer. Drainage holes filter excess water from the soil, and plants create a healthy living environment.

Ceramic Pot Planter With Saucer

Model Number: TYZ-FP07

Material: Ceramic

Shape: Round

Color: White, Black, Pink

Size: 12*12cm, 15*15cm, 18*18cm

Black Ceramic Planters With Saucers
Pink Ceramic Planters With Saucers

This speckled ceramic planter set comes in different colors and each color comes in 3 sizes. These spotted ceramic pots with saucers are great for growing a variety of plants including cacti, ferns, aloe vera, succulents and more.

White Ceramic Planters With Saucers
Ceramic Planter With Attached Saucer

Ceramic Pot Planter With Saucer Advantage

Ceramic flower pots with drainage holes and saucers allow excess water to escape, avoid overwatering and keep plants perfectly hydrated. Ceramic plant trays won’t stain your floors and tabletops.

When plants are grown in clay, pots easily evaporate water between a fully saturated medium and a dry medium for the roots. Better water infiltration and air movement can stimulate root growth, resulting in healthier plants. Ceramic planters with drainage holes and saucers allow water to flow without worrying about overwatering.

Indoor Ceramic Plant Pots With Saucers
Ceramic Flower Pot With Saucer

Ceramic Planters With Saucer Wholesale

TYZ Ceramic is a ceramic products manufacturer, we offer wholesale ceramic pot planters with saucers in different colors and sizes. These high-quality ceramic planters are safe, odorless, sun-resistant. They are ideal for indoor and outdoor flower pots.

The cylindrical ceramic pot planter with saucer is classic, simple and elegant. Indoor speckled ceramic planters can be placed anywhere, perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, dining tables, kitchens, windowsills, desks. These minimalist ceramic planters bring a modern decor to the home or office.

Ceramic pots for houseplants with good trays decorate different spaces in different colors. These colorful ceramic pots can withstand the harsh sun and harsh winter temperatures without fading or cracking. The speckled ceramic pot planter with saucer can be freely used for indoor plants and outdoors.

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