Indoor Ceramic Pots

The indoor ceramic pots feature a unique and elegant design, with a classic cylindrical exterior with a spherical design, adding a beautiful and unique touch to indoor spaces. We have three colors to choose from: white, cream, and silver.

Nordic Cream Plant Pots

Model Number: TYZ-FP12

Material: Ceramic

Color: White, Cream, Silver

Shape: Round

Size: 14*13cm, 19*17cm

Indoor Ceramic Flower Pots

The indoor ceramic pots are equipped with drainage holes to keep the soil drained and ventilated, plants will thrive in these breathable pots. The ceramic flower pots with holes prevent over-watering, promote plant growth, and create a healthy living environment for plants.

These Nordic style indoor ceramic plant pots bring a new twist to home or office decor, they are suitable for most plants: succulents, cacti, aloe vera, lilies, orchids, herbs, greenery and more.

Indoor Ceramic Flower Pots
Nordic Style Cream Plant Pots

Nordic Style Indoor Ceramic Pots Wholesale

TYZ Ceramic offers wholesale Nordic style indoor ceramic pots in square and round shapes, we also offer corresponding bases to prevent water spillage. Our planters are made from the highest quality eco-friendly ceramics, they are simple and rustic.

Indoor ceramic pots can be used as ceramic vases, storage containers, ceramic candle containers, or table decorations. Ceramic flowerpots have a more beautiful and elegant appearance than flowerpots made of other materials. They are suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, and outdoors. Ceramic flowerpots are light-resistant, do not fade or deform, and have good water retention.



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