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Face Pottery Planters

The face pottery planters feature creative and fun face figurines. They are made of special clay material fired at high temperature. The light pottery pots are sprayed with a layer of glaze inside and outside to make the flowerpots stronger and thicker. The modern face-shaped ceramic planters are suitable for a variety of plant combinations, such as cacti, orchids, succulents or herbs.

Face Pottery Planters with Saucers

Model Number: TYZ-TFP011

Material: Ceramic

Color: White, Yellow, Pink, Red, Blue, Green, Gray

Shape: Head Shape

Size: 12*13.5cm, 14*16cm, 16.5*19cm

Our face pottery planters come in three sizes, large, medium and small, available in a variety of colors: White, Yellow, Pink, Red, Blue, Green, Gray. We offer saucers for ceramic planters that can comfortably hold a variety of houseplants.

The ceramic face planter has its own drainage hole, which can drain excess water to the lower part of the ceramic planter. Drainage holes allow excess water to drain, making sure the soil doesn’t get too wet, which can lead to root rot and plant death.

Our Face Pottery Planters are cleverly designed, so they can be used as flower pots for many types of indoor or outdoor plants. They also use as face vase for any home decor.

Head Face Pottery Planters Wholesale

TYZ Ceramic is a professioanal ceramic products manufacturer, we offer wholesale head face pottery planters with saucers in different shapes and sizes. These cute face planters are carefully crafted to be sturdy and durable.

Beautiful etched face details create a unique ceramic planter and they are uniquely versatile. These faceted ceramic planters are able to decorate and brighten any room, and also make the perfect home gift.

There is a small drainage hole at the bottom of each ceramic flower pot, which improves the drainage efficiency when watering and protects the health of plants. They are suitable for succulents, herbs, cacti, or other small plants or flowers. The cute flower pots can be easily used in any corner of your home, office, workplace.

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