Ceramic Animal Planter Pots

The ceramic animal planter pots are shaped like alpacas, highly ornamental, and are fired at high temperatures. The alpaca-shaped ceramic flower pot is super breathable and suitable for the growth of various plants. This animal ceramic plant pot is ideal for growing succulents, cacti, air plants, aloe vera and other small plants.

Animal Ceramic Planter Pots

Model Number: TYZ-FP08

Material: Ceramic

Shape: Alpaca Animal Shape

Color: White, Red, Green, Blue

Size: 11.5*15cm, 14*15cm

Color Animal Ceramic Flower Pots
Alpaca Shape Animal Ceramic Flower Pots

We have 4 different colors of alpaca animal shaped ceramic planter pots. The succulent plants are paired with small alpaca-shaped flower pots, which are chic and cute, and are favored by many young people. The funny animal planter pots can decorate your home and make it full of life and vitality.

Ceramic Animal Planter Pots Features

Ceramic Animal Flower Pot
Animal Ceramic Planter Pot

Each ceramic planter has drainage holes at the bottom to help water drain and absorb oxygen. This will keep the plant roots from soaking in excess water and keep the plants healthy.

The bottom has been manually polished and smoothed many times, so it will not scratch the table.

Ceramic Animal Planters Wholesale

Alpaca Animal Ceramic Flower Pots
Ceramic Animal Planter Pots

Ceramic flower pots are currently the most widely used and widely used. Our ceramic animal planter pots wholesale come in a variety of shapes and colors. Cultivating succulents in ceramic flower pots has a very good moisturizing effect.

Ceramic animal flower pots have a proper moisturizing effect, which is very beneficial to the succulents in the growth period, and the growth rate will be significantly faster than the succulents in other flower containers.

The unique and diverse shapes of ceramic animal planter pots provide more choices for succulents. The smooth porcelain surface of the ceramic plant pot is very easy to clean and hardly stains. It is very suitable to be placed indoors or on the windowsill, and it is also a good choice to put in the office.

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