Tall Ceramic Mug With Handle

The tall ceramic mug with handle is free of lead and other toxic substances and is microwave and dishwasher-safe. The handle is the right size and doesn’t get hot. This high-color patterned ceramic mug is big enough to hold 17 oz for office use.

Tall Ceramic Cup With Handle

Model Number: TYZ-CM026

Capacity: 600ml

Material: Ceramic

Color: Pink, Green

Shape: Round

Size: 8.9*16cm

Tall Ceramic Mug With Handle
Ceramic Tall Cup
Tall Ceramic Travel Mug with Lid
Tall Ceramic Coffee Mugs With Lids
Ceramic Tall Coffee Mugs

We have different styles of this tall ceramic mug with lid and handle. Unique ceramic mugs with handles are the best gift for friends and family.

This reusable ceramic travel coffee mug has a plastic spill-resistant lid for keeping or refrigerating beverages. The silicone ring on the lid can effectively prevent the growth of bacteria.

Tall Ceramic Mug With Handle Features

Tall Ceramic Mug With Handle and Lid
Tall Ceramic Travel Mug with Lid
Tall Ceramic Mug With Lid
  • This tall coffee mug with handle is made of durable high-fired ceramic.
  • This tall ceramic mug with handle combines thousands of years of craftsmanship with modern craftsmanship and fashionable elements.
  • The ceramic tall cup body has clear printing and beautiful patterns. Forest-style pictures are artistic, the patterns are visible, and never fade.
  • The lid of the tall ceramic mug has a silicone ring of food-grade silicone for insulation and leak proofing.

Custom Tall Ceramic Mugs Manufacturer

Tall Pottery Mugs

TYZ ceramic mugs have various designs and are very popular with friends all over the world. The durable ceramic travel mug with lid can be used in a variety of scenarios, at home, in the car and while traveling.

The tall coffee mugs with handles are made from a premium quality lead-free and non-toxic ceramic, they have simple elegant design. Each ceramic mug product is lead free and well made. Each pattern on the ceramic mug has a unique charm that attracts people’s attention.

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