Japanese Ceramic Coffee Mug

This Japanese ceramic coffee mug is a kiln turned stoneware cup, it can hold 330ml tea or coffee. This ceramic coffee mug is fired at high temperature, the porcelain is fine and the stoneware glaze is rich in texture. The kiln variation texture is naturally formed, unpredictable and pleasing to the eye.

Japanese Pottery Cup

Model Number: TYZ-CM029

Capacity: 330ml

Material: Ceramic

Color: Pink

Shape: Round

Size: 13*8.2cm

Pink Ceramic Coffee Mug
Japanese Ceramic Mug with Spots
Japanese Ceramic Mug

We offer the ceramic mug in three different colored stoneware glazes. Japanese-style ceramic tea cups are made of lead- and cadmium-free high-quality ceramics.

This ceramic coffee mug with handle is easy to grip, suitable for cappuccino, latte, hot cocoa or hot tea, it can meet the needs in the office, home, restaurant, cafe, bar or other places. This ceramic coffee mug can be heated in the microwave. Clean them easily in the dishwasher without worrying about the finish wearing off.

Japanese Ceramic Coffee Mug Features

Pink Pottery Mug
Kiln-turned Ceramic Coffee Cup
Japanese Pink Pottery Mug
  • The ceramic mug is designed with a sturdy structure for hot and cold drinks.
  • The handle of the cup has a graceful curvature and is comfortable to hold. 
  • The mouth of the ceramic cup is flat and smooth, and the application experience is better. 
  • The bottom of the cup is carefully polished and smooth.

Japanese Ceramic Coffee Mugs Supplier

Retro Ceramic Coffee Mugs Wholesale
Japanese Pottery Coffee Mugs

TYZ Ceramic is a ceramic products manufacturer, we offer the Japanese ceramic coffee mug in different colors.

During the firing process of ceramic teacups, the temperature change in the kiln will cause the natural change of the glaze color on the surface of the porcelain. Due to its special reactive glaze technology, the color of each cup is naturally formed and each cup is unique.

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