Square Ceramic Soap Dispenser

The square ceramic soap dispenser is made of high quality materials. Our bathroom kitchen lotion dispenser can hold a variety of household liquids such as soaps, lotions, shampoos, body washes and more.

Square White Ceramic Soap Dispenser

Model Number: TYZ-CD01

Material: Ceramic

Capacity: 350ml

Color: White, Blue, Gray

Shape: Square

Size: 6.5*18cm

Ceramic Hand Soap Dispenser
Square Ceramic Soap Dispenser

The size of the square ceramic soap dispenser is 6.5*18*6cm and can hold 350ml of liquid, and we have 3 colors to choose from.

The countertop soap dispenser is made of ceramic and has a sturdy construction. The ceramic square bottle is simple and modern in shape, elegant and generous. The bottle body is made of ceramic tiles and has a texture.

Ceramic Kitchen Dish Soap Dispenser

Square Ceramic Soap Dispenser Supplier

This liquid soap ceramic dispenser is made of high-quality terracotta clay fired at high temperature for superb craftsmanship, durable and reusable. The pump head adopts ABS spring pump head, which has a smooth texture, will not change color after long-term use, and is sturdy and durable.

This Ceramic Hand Soap Dispenser is a great bathroom or kitchen appliance, it has a wide mouth for easy refilling of liquids. Simple and elegant design make the Ceramic Foaming Soap Dispenser suit for all kinds of decoration, it can be perfectly matched with any room decoration.

Square Ceramic Lotion Dispensers
Ceramic Foaming Hand Soap Dispensers

Ceramic Bathroom Soup Dispensers are suitable for bathroom, kitchen, toilet, living room, dining room, etc. Each removable pump is made of ABS, easy to press and suitable for long-term use. Ceramic Dispenser Bottle pairs perfectly with any decorating style to create a textured and beautiful space in the home. It is the best housewarming gift for a friend or family member.

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