Cat Paw Ceramic Mug

The cat paw ceramic mug is cute, the cat paw bottom keeps the ceramic cup nice and stable. There are three types of paw ceramic mugs to choose from stylish white print, cool black, and cute brown. The Cat’s Paw Ceramic Mug is a thoughtful gift for cat lovers or anyone who loves fun, cute drinks.

Cat Paw Ceramic Mug with Handle

Model Number: TYZ-CM020

Capacity: 300-400ml

Color: White, Black, Brown

Material: Ceramic

Cat Paw Ceramic Mugs with Handles
Cat Paw Ceramic Mugs in Bulk
Cat Paw Ceramic Cups Wholesale

This cute ceramic mug has a large capacity of 400ml. Whether you’re using it for morning coffee or afternoon tea, this large coffee mug will ensure you’re not running around in front of the coffee maker, constantly refilling.

Cat Paw Ceramic Mug Features

Cat Paw Mugs
Paw Ceramic Cups
Cat Paw Ceramic Mugs
  • This coffee mug with a fun cat’s paw design is a sturdy, high-quality mug. 
  • The cat paw ceramic mug is the ideal mug for coffee and tea drinkers, and also a great juice mug for serving orange juice, milk.
  • This cat paw mug is made from heat-resistant ceramic, it provides excellent insulation to keep your fingers cool when serving hot drinks. 
  • It’s also easy to clean, just wash with warm soapy water and air dry.

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