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Ceramic Coffee Travel Mug

The Ceramic Coffee Travel Mug has a chubby profile and is capable of holding up to 400ml of coffee or beverage. The white bottle body can engrave the desired graphics or text on it. The silicone lid is attached to the top of the ceramic mug, which prevents the coffee from spilling.

White Ceramic Mug With Lid

Model Number: TYZ-CM007

Capacity: 301~400ml

Color: White

Size: 10*11cm

Material: Ceramic

The white coffee mug with lid is made of high-grade ceramics, it is suitable for dishwashers, microwaves, ovens and freezers. Large capacity cup for 300-400ml coffee.

The ceramic mug is easy to clean and odor-free, the flexible silicone lid seals tightly to prevent spills, and fits easily in your hand for easy coffee.

Ceramic Coffee Travel Mug is perfect for outdoor, travel, party, coffee, water, wine, beverages, milk and more.

Ceramic Coffee Travel Mug with Lid

This mug is made of high-grade china clay, which is high quality, shiny and durable. The double-layer ceramic wall structure design can insulate hot or cold beverages, slowing the transfer of heat from the beverage to the outside.

The ceramic cup is sturdy and durable. You can add your favorite pattern on the mug. Perfect for coffee, tea, cocoa and cereal, it can easily handle everyday use in the kitchen.

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