Ceramic Butter Box

The classic ceramic butter box is wide and deep enough to hold standard butter sticks for European coast butter. The lid of the ceramic butter container is sealed with a silicone ring, and the wooden lid ensures that the butter stays fresh inside the ceramic box. The deep design of the butter box prevents butter from sticking to the lid.

Model Number: TYZ-CBK03

Capacity: 300ml, 500ml, 800ml

Material: Ceramic

Shape: Rectangle

Color: white

Size: 12*8*6cm, 13*9*7cm, 15.5*12*7cm

Ceramic Butter Container with Lid and Knife
Ceramic Butter Box with Wooden Lid and Knife
White Ceramic Butter Container

We offer ceramic butter boxes with lids in 3 different size. Our ceramic butter dish with lid is a simple and beautiful design that fits right into your kitchen and countertop. The wooden lid doubles as a small cutting board for slicing. You can use the lid as a butter cutting board.

There are many usages for ceramic butter holders. Its large size and clean design allow it to store spices, crackers, cream cheese.

Ceramic Butter Box with Lid Wholesale

Ceramic Butter Containers
Ceramic Butter Boxes with Lids and Knife

TYZ Ceramic offers various styles of ceramic containers with lids. The ceramic butter keeper has a wooden lid and silicone seal to trap air and keep butter fresh, perfect for storing in the refrigerator.

The groove on the wooden cover can hold a butter knife for easy storage. This stainless steel knife can be used to remove butter from dishes, cut butter and spread butter on bread. The ceramic butter dish with lid is safe to freeze. The ceramic butter box is dishwasher and microwave safe, and the wooden lid needs to be rinsed with water.

How to Seal Ceramic Butter Containers?

Ceramic Butter Boxes with Wooden Lids
Ceramic Butter Containers with Wooden Lids

The assembly direction of the silicone ring should be with the rough side facing down. The method of using the cover is that the narrow side of the wooden cover first touches the butter box, and then slowly covers it down to discharge the gas in the butter box. This seals the butter perfectly and the lid doesn’t pop out easily.

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