Square Ceramic Candle Holders

The square ceramic candle holders are made of high-quality porcelain clay and fired at high temperatures. The smooth glaze surface gives the square ceramic jars stunning vibrant colors, showcasing their unique charm. Empty sqaure ceramic jars can be filled with scented candles or tealights.

4oz Square Ceramic Candle Holder

Model Number: TYZ-CH18

Material: Ceramic

Capacity: 120ml

Shape: Square

Color: White

Size: 6.5*5cm

Square White Ceramic Candle Holders
Square Ceramic Candle Containers

The ceramic candle holder has a square design. The length and width are 6.5cm, the height is 5cm, and it can hold 120ml/4oz. The candle is presented in a beautiful ceramic candle jar, creating an impressive visual display. Ceramic candle containers are more heat-resistant than glass candle holders and are less likely to crack.

Square Ceramic Candle Holders Features

Square Ceramic Candle Vessels
Square Ceramic Candle Holders
White Square Ceramic Candle Holders
  • The square ceramic candle holders have a wide mouth, which is convenient for filling candles or placing small candles.
  • The square ceramic candle containers feature an embossed design that is pleasant to the touch.
  • Ceramic candle jars have a flat bottom and serve as small flower pots.
  • The bottom of the ceramic container is smoothed by hand, which is gentle on your hands and non-slip.

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