Ceramic Candle Vessel Wholesale

We offer ceramic candle vessel wholesale, ceramic jars with lids can be used as kitchen storage containers. Ceramic candle jars use colorful craftsmanship to give each ceramic candle jar a beautiful appearance.

Ceramic Vessel For Candle

Model Number: TYZ-CH11

Material: Ceramic

Lid: Metal Lid

Shape: Round

Color: Pink, Blue, Green

Size: 9*10cm

Blue Ceramic Candle Jar With Lid
Ceramic Candle Jar With Lid Bulk
Ceramic Candle Jar with Metal Lid

The ceramic jars are hand painted and each jar has a unique pattern. Ceramic candle vessel wholesale are made of hand-glazed ceramics. The colorful ceramic jar with the golden lid is very attractive.

The colored ceramic containers serve as chic candle jars to fill a room with a pop of color. Ceramic candle vessels with lids are versatile enough to store coffee, tea, flour, brown sugar, sugar, cereal, cookies, seeds, herbs, nuts, pet food and treats, and more.

Colorful Ceramic Candle Vessel Wholesale

Ceramic Candle Vessel Wholesale
Ceramic Candle Vessels with Lids Wholesale

TYZ Ceramic is a manufacturer of ceramic products, we supply all kinds of colored ceramic containers with lids. Ceramic jars with lids are durable, airtight containers that are lightweight and sturdy.

The ceramic storage container with lid has a unique active glaze color. A remarkable display can become a charming decoration or even a work of art in the dining table and kitchen.

The ceramic tea coffee sugar canister set has a wooden lid and rubber seal, which greatly provides air tightness, effectively prevents food spoilage, and ensures a true seal and protection from light. They help keep food and condiments fresh.

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