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Candle Ceramic Jar

The colorful ceramic jar candles are collected in five colors, which make people feel happy. Its outer surface is like scales. It is mainly used to hold candles. Candle ceramic jars with gold rims look nobler, and the jars can be used as decorations after use.

Ceramic Candle Jars Wholesale

Model Number: TYZ089ST08

Shape: Round

Color: white, blue, pink, purple, grey

Size: 9*9*10cm

Weight: 200g

Candle Ceramic Jar Manufacturer

We are ceramic candle holder manufacturers. There are many styles, novel styles, and low prices. We can also customize logos, printing, colors, labels, materials, etc.

The scented candles are made of ceramic jars. The ceramic jar body has a texture created by the particle glaze process, and it has a very special touch when you touch it.

When the candle burns out, the high-value ceramic cups and jars can still be reused. Ceramic jars can hold your odds and ends.

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